A Plan in MotionMature

Once Sage had her mind made up about something it was hard to sway her. By the time she neared Gallia with Saffron she had already formed a plan. Once she was successful with her endeavor she would bring Odyous back to Calla who would help him in the more physical aspects of reading the Grimoire of Syria.

“Alright Saffron. We are going to play a new game,” Sage announced. If dragons could purr she was sure he would. He loved games, as much as a child. Already it was proving hard to recall the conversation she had with him in his sane and confident state. That was another man entirely. This Saffron was a child whose body had outgrown him, Sage thought with despair.

Saffron's dragon ears perked up awaiting Sage's instruction.

“I need you to create a diversion, for our allies. They are not to be harmed in anyway. They only need to be distracted, so I can retrieve something.”

Saffron cocked his head as if to say; That is not a game.

Sage reached out and scratched his neck encouragingly. They landed quietly outside the Palace, in front of a large brick wall and the draw bridge. Sage shooed Saffron away, once he was out of sight she rang the massive bell that was mounted on the brick barrier.

Moments later the draw bridge lowered and two disgruntled guards appeared. Sage lowered the hood of her cloak. They regained their composure and bowed respectfully to her. She fought the urge to roll her eyes, and she was relieved when they stood up.

  • “Forgive me Empress, but as an outsider I must ask what business you seek in the palace,” One of the guards asked.

“Of course, though I was simply requesting some assistance. My dragon has gone astray. He is not cruel but I fear he can be destructive if I don't get a harness on him soon,”

The guards exchanged concerned looks, before the second one addressed her. “Pray, forgive me, but why aren't your own men fetching the dragon? It is unwise for an Empress to travel alone at night,”

Sage blinked. She honestly could have come up with a better back story, after a moment's hesitation, she answered slowly, “Galvenston is a very chaotic place right now.... My men concern themselves with more important issues.”

“Yes of course,” the guard replied. “Forgive me. You stay here Empress. This should not take too long,”

Miraculously the two men left their post. Sage took advantage of the opportunity. She crossed the bridge into the castle.

She wasted no time finding Yolous's throne room. She pulled back the curtain's. She bit her lip to keep from squealing. The head, Odyous was asleep on a pillow. All she needed to do was pick up the human head and place it in her satchel bag. Right, just pick up the human head.

Sage cringed. She picked up Odyous. She had underestimated the weight of the head and nearly dropped it. It's eyes shot open and it screamed. As did Sage, before she realized she wasn't the one who should be fearful. She pressed her palm to Odyous mouth to quiet him.

“ My kingdom has fallen on rough times. I will explain more when we get back to Galvenston.”

Cautiously she removed her hand from Odyous's mouth. His brow furrowed. “Please forgive me Empress if I don't seem more compassionate towards your situation. You See I am a head detached from it's body!” He barked.

Sage shrugged. “Fair enough,” she replied placing the reluctant head in the bag. She wasn't sure if severed head's needed air, but she left the satchel bag open enough that he could get some if needed. Sage ran out of the castle in fear that odyous's rants and protests would wake someone. “Let me out of here!” He shouted.

Sage ignored his qualms. She was relieved to see Saffron flying back towards her at the draw bridge. Quickly she saddled the dragon. They flew overhead the guards, and soon enough they were back into Galvenston.

The End

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