Reclaim the LostMature

Drakmor walked into the room that Leopold Briar had directed him to. It contained shelves upon shelves of extra parts for the Jackdaw, some of them broken and some of them brand new. It took a lot to keep the airship running, so having spare parts were important. 

What Drakmor was after, however, was the hulking shape in the corner of the room covered with a large tarp. He knew what it was, and was all too happy to see it once more. Quickly, Drakmor ran over and tore the tarp off the hulking machine. It's metal frame had been polished and from what he could tell, the fluids of its engine had been exchanged for cleaner fuels. 

Drakmor smiled and sat on the seat of his hulking two-wheeled machine, happy he could drive it once more.

"Val," he said quietly, "Let's ride!"

Drakmor cranked the engine, hearing the intense roar of it, and took off out the open door to the store room. Many men yelled as he drove through the hallways of the Jackdaw, but he ignored them and eventually made his way to the ramp and into the open plains connecting Galvenston and their allied kingdom.

It was time to get back to Galvenston and his men. Drakmor patted the satchel on his side and rode on through the plains.


Saffron flew through the air, enjoying the feel of the midnight air and of the small presence on his back. For some reason, Saffron always enjoyed company of others on his flights. Tonight was no different.

Saffron saw a glint on the open planes below him and dived, causing his Lady to shriek from her place on his back. The glint came from something moving fast, so Saffron had to chase it down. To his dismay, it was faster than he was.

"...are you doing!?" his Lady yelled above the wind. Saffron could barely hear her, but remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He quickly turned back around and flew in the direction that his Lady had told him. 

It was no fair. He wanted to catch the fast thing and see what it was. His Lady's game was more important though. Saffron was always a part, too. Why didn't they use a different player?

In the distance, Saffron saw a large wall with a few towers peaking over it. Was this where his Lady wished to go? Was this the ending of her little game, or just another step toward the ending?

The End

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