Sage found herself in a circular room. Even before she felt the room, she felt the familiar vibe of magic calling out to her. A quick glance at the room was enough to determine that it was used for rituals and other practices of magic. On the floor boards a circle was cast with salt and candles. On the opposing wall was an alter. A large chalice sat on by an open book on the alter. Sage glanced into the chalice. Inside it was blood. She couldn't tell if it came from and animal or human. Her attention strayed to the book. It was ancient, bound in leather and encrusted with precious gems. The text was indecipherable. Latin, an old language of the Gods. Sage scooped the book up in her arms, deciding it was probably not something she wanted her enemy to have. As quickly as she entered the building fueled by hate, she left all the same fueled by fear of being caught. The servants were busy tending to Demitriu's, The castle was in total chaos. Guards ran past her several times, her forced casual demeanor allowed her to get by unnoticed.

Once Sage escaped into the woods she took off into a sprint with the large book cradled against her chest. Sage practically ran straight into Saffron in his human form. The man was covered only at the waist with Sage's cloak tied strategically about him. She averted her eyes, so he wouldn't see her blush. His face appeared to be be angry and confused. He realized he had been tricked. Defensively, Sage held up the book in her hands, which were red and swollen from the fire. They ached immensely, and the moment she slowed down enough to process the pain, the more she wished for another distraction.

“I will explain later. We need to get out of here. I need to find someone who can read the old text in this book.”

Saffron cocked his head.

Selfishly Sage prayed that Saffron remained in his state of insanity just a little while longer. And above she prayed that her allies would forgive her treason for she had no choice but to steal the only one old enough and wise enough to read the encoding. She knew it would be too much to hope to get by unnoticed with the Galvenston's Prophet Odyous. Forgiveness and possibly begging would be her next viable option if she wanted to maintain the alliance.

The End

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