Bed of FlamesMature

Sage stared back at Saffron, a bit dumbfounded herself.

“Saffron,” She whispered hurriedly before he slipped back into his lunacy. “Tell me who made you this way?”

“A dragon?” he asked in the most serious tone she ever spoke in.

Sage shook her head. “No, I meant, who made you crazy?” she winced at how rude the question sounded. Saffron looked insulted, he turned his back on her.

Sage grabbed his arm, forcing him to face her. “I'm sorry, please. I'm just trying to find answers”

“Aren't we all,” Saffron replied cynically. Sage fought the urge to laugh, this was probably the most sane conversation she ever had with Saffron. “Fair enough,” she smiled. “Will you take me to Baron? I can't stay here pacing my room any longer,” she said all too innocently.

The sane Saffron shook his head slowly, he seemed to know better.

Sage leveled with him; “I promise I'll stay with you, I just want to know what kind of danger we are up against. Drakmor is all to secretive. I cannot help to prepare my people for a way when I do not know who my own enemies are.”

Saffron thought about it for a minute, before deciding her request was reasonable enough. “Fine, I don't see the harm in that.”

Sage smiled. “I am going to change out of this dress and into some pants. I will be right back.” She shut the french doors and disappeared into her room., A couple minutes later she returned in proper riding attire. She was miserable, still mourning the loss of Nera, a great warrior horse. She knew it was only a matter of time before Saffron slipped into his old ways, and when he did she would stray him into enemy territory and slay Demitrius herself. First she had to feign interest in what Baron was doing, though he knew his routine for preparing for battle by heart now.

Concealed in her boot, was the dagger the spirit had dropped, before it vanished altogether. One thing Sage was sure of, she hadn't killed her enemy only sent him away. Most likely Demitrius was resting his ego. Sage patted her satchel bag, in it was a beautiful head dress in which she could obscure her hair, and the gold dress that she had washed of her blood earlier that day. She hadn't expected to put her plan to ambush the Syrian Empire into effect tonight, but Saffron had presented her with the perfect opportunity.

Sage slipped her arms around saffron's neck as he turned into an expansive dragon. The adrenaline rush of soaring high above the castle was exhilarating to say the least. Sage and Saffron flew above the canvas tent briefly catching a glimpse of Baron and Darrol communing outside of it. “Alright now to Syria,” Sage instructed the dragon.

Saffron appeared confused at first and tried to turn back towards the castle. It took sage a moment to convince him. “Saffron we need to go to Syria. Don't you remember what Baron said earlier? He would be angry if you disobeyed his orders,” Sage said pushing back a pang of guilt at betraying Saffron's trust. It had worked however. An hour later they were soaring into Syria, just as the sun began to rise again.

Sage dismounted Saffron in the woods just outside of the castle grounds. She gave him strict orders, which she had written off as Baron's, to stay put. In the woods away from saffron she shed her clothes, for the lush gold gown and head dress, of crystal beads that fell to her shoulders just as the ancient Egyptians had. Many royals were wearing elaborate pieces like this now of days, so it wouldn't stand out to much in a rich Empire like Syria.

The walk to the castle took another hour. Sage summoned Athena in spirit, and plastered her best look of superiority on her face, just as the other Syrian royalists had. She gained admittance into the castle. Using Athena's powers of persuasion ;she asked a guard to take her to the Empire's bed chamber.

The guard nodded dutifully. He lead her up a spiraling staircase. The stairs themselves seemed to be constructed of gold bricks. Sage tried to keep her shock and disgust to herself, careful not to give anything away.

Quietly the guard led her to the Demitrius's bedroom. Sage turned back towards the guard, willing Athena's magic forward. “Good. Now leave,” she watched the guard’s face go from confusion to obedience as his pupils dilated and his will was bent.

Sage's heartbeat picked up. This had all been too easy so far. She was hoping that she could hold Athena's power over the guard long enough to go threw with her plan.

She turned her attention back towards Demitriu's bedroom. A silky gold comforter lay on a four poster bed, covered in plush pillows. The room was decorated in ceramic artifacts. A wide fire place, was covered in gold brick. The floor was constructed of marble of course. A table sat by the bed, with a small box on top.

Sage lifted the lid. Inside were Seven rings, made up of diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Sage nearly purred as she slipped one onto her finger. It was a magnificent Ruby inset band. Much too large, it was fit for a man after all.

Sage heard the door knob turn. Quickly she repositioned her head dress. She had lined her eyes with dark make up when she changed into her riding clothes earlier. This was the style of the Syrian's who compared themselves to the Egyptians with their prestige. Sage sprawled herself on the bed.

Demitrius entered the room. “I didn't call for a mistress,” he said taking out his flask from his leather riding jacket. He walked past her and pushed aside the curtain blind, peering outside of the window.

  • “I was sent by your royal adviser. He told me you could use a distraction,” Sage lied. She prayed that she wouldn't have to kiss Demitrius. It wasn't too long ago she was criticizing Baron for his harlot ways with women. He had shrugged and told her, he had his ways of obtaining knowledge. Now Sage understood what he meant, even if it made her skin crawl.

Demitrius turned to face her. His beautiful face was marred by the scar of her whip. Sage had to work to keep the grin off of her face. He put his flask down on the table and sighed. “I prefer my mistress's on top.”

It took a moment for sage to understand what he meant and once he did, she blushed furiously. Luckily the Emperor had closed his eyes.

“Of course, Emperor,” she said obligingly.

Sage moved closer. The Emperor cocked an eye open. “What's taking you so long to undress?”

Sage's heart slammed in her ribcage. She hadn't planned on taking her clothes off. “S-sorry.”

The emperor shut his eye and muttered something about being sent an invalid whore. That did it for Sage. This was where she differed from Baron; she had self respect.

In one swift motion she unsheathed the dagger from her boot and lunged at the Emperor. She landed on top of him, he grabbed her around the hips, as she raised the dagger over his heart. His eyes shot open. He screamed and rolled with her. While he did so the dagger sliced his neck instead of his heart. While it may have done serious damage it wasn't enough to kill him. Sage tried to use Athena's powers on him willing him to stay still, but he had his own defense.

Demitrius's eyes turned the same shade of the rubies on the ring Sage had forgotten to take off. Around the bed flames of fire shot up high into the air. The scorching fire didn't seem to bother Demitrius but Sage was defenseless against it. The only way out was the window behind the bed frame. The fire became hotter and higher.

Demitrius pulled the dagger out of his neck and crawled closer to Sage. With one last glance behind her Sage had made her mind up. If she was going to die, it wouldn't be by the hands of her enemy, but.... her own stupidity, she thought reluctantly. She stood up on the bed awkwardly and threw her energy and Drakmor's powers at the window. The glass shattered, and she jumped.

As she fell her hands coiled around the railing of a balcony on a lower story. She hoisted herself up, and opened the doors to the sitting room it lead to. Once again she was inside the Syrian castle.

The End

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