A New GameMature

Drakmor stopped the carriage driver about halfway to Galvenston, saying he had a meeting with someone. It wasn't a lie, really. That person just didn't know it yet.

"Are you sure?" The pudgy carriage driver said nervously. He was obviously not wanting to leave a man alone in these rolling plains. There were dangerous things in these parts. The only reason the carriage was left unharmed was because of whom it belong. No bandit or thug would start a war with a nation.

"Yes, yes, I'll be fine," Drakmor replied, waving the man away. Drakmor waited until the man passed over a hill and left his view to start running toward the the ocean. He needed to retrieve something for the upcoming battle, and he didn't want Sage or that damnable Baron finding out what.

Passing over another hill, the thing he sought came into view.

There, docked in a small inlet, was the Jackdaw. A ship he had called home a while back. After it was shot from the sky, Captain Leopold Briar had repaired and placed the impressive vessel back into the air. Only, the Captain hadn't just repaired the ship, but improved it. 

Drakmor jumped and landed on the massive structure's deck, careful not to hit the withdrawn wing of the Jackdaw.

Captain Briar, a hook-nosed man of confident stature, met him on the deck. Drakmor couldn't help but smile as the man cursed him for his entrance.


Saffron sat upon the castles roof, sulking over recent events. In his dragon form, he somehow felt better, so that is how he stayed.

For some reason everything seemed smaller now. Baron had said something about Saffron's size, but Saffron didn't think he had gotten that much bigger. Maybe he should lose weight..? A good game would do as well. He could use any distraction at the moment.

His Lady had been hurt... and he could do nothing. Tears came to Saffron's eyes. He needed to protect the Lady, or else... Well, he didn't know what would happen should he fail, but he somehow knew he wouldn't be able to take it.

'That's it!' Saffron thought, growing excited for once, 'I'll play my own game!' He immediately thought it out. He had seen Baron make up games on the spot, so why couldn't he? It wasn't hard, once he got started, he just needed to make up rules and an objective.

Of course, the prize for this game wouldn't be food. It would be his Lady's safety.

Sanity kicked in. Saffron jumped at his thoughts, know sure of what he must do. He quickly jumped off the room, grabbing the small fabric that was a cloak when he left. He flew down to Sage's room and changed on her balcony, covering his nude body with the cloak. 

Sage jumped at his sudden appearance, but accepted it from the look on her face. She probably thought him still to be the madman they knew. He would be again soon, but for now, he had a goal.

"Saffron, what is-" She was cut off by Saffron rushing to meet her, then placing his hand on her forehead.

"Right now," Saffron said, "I am sane. Trust me." Sage was frightened by this, but nodded slowly.

Saffron immediately pulled some unknown source inside of him and shot it into Sage. He felt something blossom in the back of his head, an awareness of sorts, and pulled back. It was done. He felt himself losing his sanity once more, so he made his next statement quick.

"I can now feel when you're in danger, my Lady," Saffron said, silencing Sage when she tried to speak, "and when you are, I will come running to your aide. This is my new game."

The End

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