Blue - Murderer, Assassin, FriendMature

Yolous stared at Drakmor suspiciously, obviously expecting an answer. Could Drakmor expose the truth to this man? What was a bigger risk, though: the truth or a lie? Drakmor stood there, feeling the eyes of both the emperor and Sage on him, and thought for a moment.  

Drakmor sighed. No choice. "The force is Blue," Drakmor began, "and he is the avatar of Levilar, the one and only Leviathan." Sage looked at him questionably, but the emperor didn't seem ignorant. "The leviathan is lord of all sea serpents and one of twelve creatures who have  an avatar."

"Who are the other's?" Sage asked, growing curious. Drakmor could not reveil everything, but he would do his best to make them satisfied.

"My mother and father are two of them," Drakmor said. Yolous stared at him oddly for this. Was he surprised or just questionable about Drakmor's intentions. "Darrol is another," Drakmor continued. "And Blue, who's real name is Aeron Cadoc, is another. He is the only one of them who is actually evil." The emperor opened his mouth, as if to say something. Drakmor continued before he could, though. "He is possessed by a demon."

"Drakmor...," Sage said, noticing something in Drakmor's expression, "Who was he?" 

"A friend," Drakmor replied simply before turning and walking a short distance away. He needed to figure out a way to stop Blue. He wondered if Zero had had any success.

As if in answer, Zero walked into the room, surprising the Emperor and Sage, but not Drakmor. Drakmor had stopped being surprised by the boy a long time back.

"Any news?" Drakmor asked Zero.

The boy smiled slyly. "Not much really. Just boring plans and some machines that destroy walls..." Sage was upon him in moments.

"What do you mean!?" She yelled. Zero laughed a little and put his hands up in defense.

"Easy, lady. You need to get back soon though," Zero said with a smile, "They sent a small force with some guy at their head to make an opening for the rest of the army." Every word made Drakmor tense. He hoped Baron and the others were prepared to fight. "Don't worry," Zero continued, "I warned that big guy and that Great Lizard of yours, so they should be fine."

"Zero," Drakmor called, " Go help them." The boy sighed. He pulled himself from Sage's grasp and walked toward the window. Drakmor stopped him, though. "A Ruler should be there to defend their charge, right Emperor?" The old man, who had been quietly observing until now, nodded at that. Zero just sighed and took the hint.

He walked over, picked up Sage as if she were weightless, then ran  and jumped out of the window, flying toward Galvenston. Drakmor just sighed. He needed to get back as well. It was times like this he missed Val, his homemade motorcycle.

"I have a carriage for you, if you want," The emperor said with a smile. He was a nice guy after all, it seemed.

The End

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