Drakmor's heart raced when Sage's mouth met his. At first, he began to fear the action. But then, his logic melted away, along with his resistance. It was something he hadn't done in years, but his mouth remembered everything. Sage's warmth crept into him, warming the empty husk that was Drakmor with feelings he had thought he buried under his outward persona.

It was a reminder of Valeria. His dead girlfriend.

Drakmor pulled away immediately, fear rising once more in his depths. Sage seemed hurt, but she instinctively looked away and shuffled away from Drakmor. Neither one of them talked for the remainder of the ride. It seemed as if Drakmor had gotten himself into another problem. If he died, then she would be in pain, but if he lived, then he would just watch as she aged and died. It was almost like planting a precious flower, knowing that one day you will watch it wither.

Without realizing, Drakmor caught himself staring at Sage. She didn't notice his eyes due to her still refusing to look his way, but he could see her face. It was flawless, like that of a perfectly polished blade. Her dress did an admirable job of showing the features her body possessed as well. It was funny. Drakmor had known this woman for so long, yet only now did he see how breathtaking she truly was.

'What am I saying!?' Drakmor thought, ripping his eyes away from Sage. His left mechanical arm grabbed his right arm and squeezed until Drakmor's mind was preoccupied. Drakmor thought he heard his own bones creaking.

The coach stopped, prompting Sage, who still would not look at Drakmor, and Drakmor to perk up. The door opened, reveiling the coach driver.

"Please follow me," He said politely.

The End

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