Drakmor's Resolve/ Saffron the ScoutMature

Drakmor watched Sage's face go from surprise, to anger, to curiosity, in a matter a moments. It was good to see her still the same girl she had been on the Jackdaw. 

But Drakmor had more important things to worry about. He needed to deal with Blue. But how could he go about it without forcing Sage to ask a whole lot of Questions? Fighting Saffron in his Great Lizard form would be easier than facing Sage's questions.

"Yes," Sage said irritably, "It was a man with blue hair. Do you know him?" It was clear she had had a bad night, but Drakmor couldn't spare her. He stepped forward, coming closer to Sage.

"Are you sure?" Drakmor asked, ignoring the others in the room. Zero, obviously, was paying attention, so there was no need to tell him to do so. All they needed now was information and they could act.

"Yes, Drakmor!" Sage snapped, "There are no people with blue hair that I have seen, so I am sure on this." She moved to talk to Baron, but Drakmor stepped forward once more and claimed her attention.

"Do you have any idea who he was with?" Drakmor asked. 

Surprisingly, Saffron was the one to answer. "The Syronian Empire." Everyone turned to stare at the bearded man. For some reason, Drakmor noticed that his beard, unlike the mans hair, was neatly combed. 

"Saffron, how do you...?" Baron started to ask, before noticing Saffron's confused look. Drakmor sighed. He had learned that the half-dragon had amnesia as well as insanity to a degree, but he would have never guessed he would remember. Lorenzo, an old accomplice of Drakmor's, never had.

But maybe he could....?

"Zero!" Drakmor called, pulling the boy's attention away from Saffron. "Infiltrate the Syrian camp and get information on Blue. Don't get into a fight, you only have a few days before you have to return." The boy looked at him harder.

"What gives?" he said annoyingly, "You're not coming then?" Drakmor shook his head. He had more important things to protect. He tried not to glance at Sage. He would never tell her. It would make his Death all the more painful for others.

"Tch, whatever kid," Zero said before walking out of the pub. Baron looked at Drakmor strangely, followed by Sage looking his way with a questioning glance.

"He's older than me," Drakmor muttered before walking off. Behind him, Sage laughed, but Drakmor paid no attention to her. Where did that half-dragon go?


Saffron sat in the middle of the road, ignoring those who stared at him. He wished they wouldn't stare. He was a lord. Commoners should treat him with dignity. He only let the Lady and Baron get away with it because they were lords as well.

Where was his crown anyway? Maybe he should steal one? Yeah, he should definately take one. After all, he deserved it. But he had to steal it from someone who didn't deserve it. Maybe the bad men were still out there in their camp. He could at least have a look.

Saffron stood up and walking into the half constructed husk of an empty house. Once inside, he stripped naked to change forms. He wished he had clothing for his other form. And a crown for it, too.

He jumped and carefully changed into his other form. If he broke anything else, then his Lady would get mad. Then Saffron would have to fix things. He hated fixing things. It was just too annoying.

Once in the sky, Saffron took off in the direction of the army. He enjoyed the breeze against his face. It was always a relaxing feeling. Maybe he could fly on an airship one day and not have to fly to enjoy the flying. It was a marvelous idea, for some reason.

Below, Saffron spotted the tents of the strange army. Were they this close before? Turning his head, Saffron realized he could faintly see his Lady's city still. 

'Well, that is odd,' Saffron thought, turning around. For some reason, he felt as if he should tell his Lady and Baron about their new neighbors.

The End

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