The Man with Blue HairMature


Sage's emotion's felt deflated. An innocent man may have died saving her, and yet she couldn't stay mad at Saffron. He was only doing what Baron instructed him to. She wasn't sure how she should feel. She was tired and cold, and her face was bleeding slightly, not to mention throbbing.

Halfheartedly they landed at the stables. Sage had kept an extra pair of clothes for Saffron there so he never had to enter the castle in the nude. That had happened a time or two, causing the chaste maids to blush furiously. Sage walked ahead of him, to give him privacy as he turned into a man and got his bearings together. She walked in the direction of town, she could really use a drink, and some alone time to clear her head.

Saffron caught up with her a couple minutes later. He offered her an apologetic look. She simply nodded so he would know she wasn't angry with him anymore, she just wanted to be by herself. Saffron slowed his pace, but she could still feel his gaze on her back from a distance. Loyalty was his strong suit, she knew that he wouldn't easily abandon her. Sage pulled the hood of her cloak over her head, to protect herself against the hail. Her slow and somber some mood was drawing her into a trance. It wasn't until she walked to the entrance of the pub, that she noticed a gaping hole in the brick building. Why today, She thought.

Cautiously she entered the Jagged Lioness. Baron was leaning over a pile of wreckage, that used to be the bar top. His eyes grew wide when he saw her.

“What happened?” They asked simultaneously, though Baron's voice conveyed worry and hers anger.

“Oh this?” He asked pointing at the split bar top. The kid Zero and Darroll, stood on opposing sides of the bar. Every table was turned over, and chairs were carelessly thrown about the room.

“If she thinks this is bad, I'm guessing she hasn't been in the drawing room of the castle.” It was Pierson who pipped up. He was sitting on a stool at the part of the bar that wasn't obliterated. Baron turned around and shot him a dangerous look. He turned his attention back towards Sage.

“I'll fix it. I promise. What happened to your face?” Instinctively his hand went towards the bloodied bruise on her face. She pulled away wincing when she touched it.

“There were assassins,” she began. “At the castle. This rude, but kind man helped me fight them.”

“Rude but Kind, eh?” Baron interrupted.

“Don't mock me, I've had a terrible night. As I was saying this man, Beck. He warned me about the assassins plan to attack royalists, working their way up from the bottom. They were stationed on the roof. Luckily I brought my bow. Together we fought four of the six men.” She paused to take a breath.

Baron nodded impatiently, waiting for her to continue.

“And then, he told me to leave and that he would be right behind me. Only when I got on Saffron, and looked behind me, he was fallen on the ground. I couldn't tell if he was alive or dead. We didn't turn around to see. Saffron didn't want to risk going back.”

Baron noticed Saffron who stood behind Sage. “Well done,” he said appreciatively to him.

“Was there anything else Sage?” Baron asked.

Sage struggled for a moment searching her memory for anything note worthy. “There was a man with blue hair but on the roof with the assassins.”

“Blue hair?” Drakmor appeared out of the shadowed area of the pub and into plain sight.

The End

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