Saffron flew, terrified of what he had saw. The man in blue. The man in blue. The man in blue.

The man whom he feared.

"Turn around Saffron!" Sage yelled. Saffron ignored her. His sanity had decided to jump in earlier when he had fought the man in blue. He wondered how long he would stay sane this time? Sage and Baron would have never guessed he had sane moments. They simply took him for an insane dragon.

Of course, his sanity was displaced by the fear brought around by the man in blue. He did not know why he feared him, but every fiber of his being associated that man with fear and death. Saffron was sure even his insane half would find the man frightful. He wondered if the man was the reason he had no memory of his early life..?

"Please Saffron," Sage begged through the sound of wind, "He might still be alive." She latched on to him tighter, obviously trying to make him change his mind. It was impossible though. Saffron refused to go back. He had only stayed long enough to grab his Lady. She needed to go back to Baron with him to complete Baron's game. 

Saffron raced on through the skies, worried about finishing the game, although the emotion that ruled him was fear. It was laced through his being, like the blood and meat of a bird.


Drakmor charged the unsuspecting Baron, shoving him into the wall of the bar. Baron shoved him back and punched Drakmor, sending him flying onto a table and breaking it.

They had met up in the Jagged Lioness, the only bar still operating in Galvenstone, to talk about the past. Drakmor had hoped to bring up his real reason for coming to Sage's help. It had been a pleasent talk until Baron told Drakmor where Sage went and whom she went with. What was he thinking? Blue often killed at these events!

Baron jumped on top of Drakmor, who still lay on the broken table. His fists came hard and fast. The man had gotten stronger, it seemed. Drakmor blocked the best he could but still took hits. Drakmor surged his blood, increasing the strength of his muscles and the sharpness of his senses, then shoved the man off.

The others in the pub dared not do anything and the two Mounseiken guards of Drakmor's simply stood by. They were not really worried about his safety, they were just sent to watch over him. 

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" Baron yelled at Drakmor as he stood back up. Drakmor just stared at him and ignored the question. He had been wanting to fight Baron ever since he left the Jackdaw, but that was only part of the reason for fighting. He was still mad about Sage's current lack of protection.

Drakmor fully surged his blood, causing his body to tense up slightly and a headache to form. He would take out Baron in one shot, hopefully. Baron seemed to tense up as well, probably accessing one of his own abilities. The two men charged each other, ignoring the startled sounds of the crowd of men in the bar.

A force knocked Drakmor and Baron from their charge. They rolled into the wall of the bar and burst through it. Drakmor felt himself finally slow and took the chance to turn his rol into a fighting position. Baron did the same, coming to a stance just beside Drakmor.

In front of them stood Darrol and Zero. Darrol was in his manticore form, his lion head growling softly as we wagged his scorpion tail back and forth. Black wings had sprouted from the back of his oversized and over muscled body, flapping threateningly. Zero, who was small in comparison to the beast, had his claws on and his silver battle gear on. The boy's silver hair covered his eyes, but not the cocky smile he wore. It seemed the boy wanted to play again.

Baron looked at Drakmor, who looked back at the halfling. A smile spread across the halflings face, one that mirrored Drakmor's own. It seemed as though they would fight together again, like the old days.

"You ready?" Baron asked.

"I'm always ready," Drakmor replied.

The two men rushed Darrol and Zero. The only regret Drakmor would have is when Sage yelled at him for starting a fight that would most likely damage a few buildings.

The End

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