The FallenMature

Sage retrieved her bow and satchel bag, she had hid it in a small space under the grand stair case. She brought it to Sandstone simply as a precaution, she didn't actually expect she'd be fighting with it tonight. She really had gone to the ball with the intention of enjoying the night, and making friends with some of the other Empires, now here she was having to fight her way out of here and worry about the safety of her dragon at the same time. It was just her luck.

In the marble floored lobby, she met up with the man dressed in black leather- who's name she still did not know. “This way,” he instructed, pointing at a wall.

Sage shook her head, “I'm not a spirit, I can't pass through walls, nor should you be able to.”

Or could he? Sage fretted for a moment, what if he was some sort of ghoul? She contemplated turning back, but just then he tilted a painting and the wall began to open up. When it did, it revealed a long corridor. Sage looked at the man she felt foolish, for thinking he was a ghost. She followed him down a dark passage way.

“What's your name?” She asked after awhile to break the prolonged silence.

“It's Beck,” he said, and that was the extent of their conversation.

The corridor began to descend as it lead them underground and into the wine cellar. After at least half an hour of walking in the dark, they reached a heavy wooden door. Beck turned the knob.

Fresh air replaced the musty sent of the damp cellar. Sage stepped outside with Beck, she kept her bow poised. Beck unsheathed his own sword.

Sage browsed the court yard frantically for Saffron. He was not where she instructed him to stay. Behind her Beck let out a warning cry as three of the assassins ambushed them. Sage was caught off guard and was knocked to the ground. A man ,clad in heavy armor, raised his fist above his head. There was something heavy and sharp on his knuckles. She inhaled, as she realized they were brass. Several yard behind her Beck was fighting off two of the other men. The man's fist came down hard on her jaw.

Beck's voice bellowed out into the distance. “I said I could get you out of here alive, not unscathed. You have to fight!'

Sage took his advice and punched the man's nose. It wasn' hard enough to truly harm him, but it made him roll off of her. Quckly she poised her bow again and shot him in the neck. An artery ruptured causing blood to trail down his backside. Sage felt queasy for a moment. Beck, she had noticed was doing much better. Two men fell face down on the ground.

Beck took stole one of the assassins crossbows. With it he shot down a man on the roof. There were still two left.

“Go, to your dragon. I'll catch up!” Beck assured.

Sage ran off to find Saffron, she threw a hesitant glance at Beck over her shoulder. Saffron found her before she could find him. They ascended into the sky and away from the Sandstone castle. She swore she saw a towering figure with a flash of blue hair, leaning against a tower on the roof. More importantly Beck, was amidst the men lying face down.

“Turn around Saffron!” She ordered.

The dragon ignored her request.

“Please Saffron, he could still be alive,” Her hands dug into his leathery skin.

Saffron ignored her pleas. It began to hail. It felt torrent against the bruise on her jawline. Sage was furious at Saffron for ignoring her demands. The ride to Galvenston was a painful and bitter one.

The End

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