Offers of Power.Mature

Saffron sat outside of the shining castle, licking his claws. He was trying to look like a vicious beast, to impress the others at the party like Baron had instructed him to do. For some reason he wanted people to fear Saffron. It was odd, but Saffron went along, though he would rather play another game. Now that he was around people he trusted, he seemed to always want to play games.

A few men passed by, staring at Saffron as if he were some amazing thing. Instead of continuing on, though, the men walked right up to him. "Great Dragon, do you speak?" The taller of the two men said. He had a black suit, with white crests on his sleeve and chest. His hair was swept neatly back, making Saffron wonder if he too used mud to style his hair. His friend was shorter and more plump, but otherwise dressed and looked identical to the other man.

Saffron thought a moment before answering. Although he had been instructed not to speak to anyone, he wanted to see if he could play a game. The one he currently played was boring. "Yeah, do you want to play?" 

"Erm... No, but I would like to talk," the taller man said unsteadily. Was he scared of something? Surely there was nothing scary around. "How would you like to come work for me?"

"Work for you?" Saffron questioned. Why would a man make him work?

"Yes," the man said instantly, growing excited, "I can pay you better than you are currently getting paid and I can give you anything you desire as well. A house built for one as grand as you, all the food you can eat, as many-"

"What about games?" Saffron interrupted. The man looked at him oddly before whispering something to his associate. They whispered back in forth for a while before apparently reaching a consensus. Had they decided on a game, then? 

"W.. what type of games do you... er... have in mind?" The tall man said nervously. 

"I don't know," Saffron said earnestly. He had just gotten in to playing games, he didn't know what types he preferred yet. 

The men seemed somewhat relieved for some reason. "How about power?" the tall man said, "All the power you want. I'll give you hundreds of servants, a high place in government, even a-"

Saffron jumped up and took off. He didn't want to talk to the men anymore. They were annoying him. He just wanted to make the Lady happy and to play games. That's all he could think of anymore. 

Saffron's stomach growled, so he decided to head toward the rooftops of the shiney castle to look for birds. He wished there were more like the large bird that Baron had called a Roc. For some reason it tasted better. Was it because it was bigger, or because it could talk? Saffron wondered if it was because of both. In that case did all big talking things taste good? What about men and women..?

Saffron shook his head of the thought and focused on the skies. He reached the top of the castle, landing gently on a large tower. The wind blew gently and the sky was dark. Saffron saw several birds fly near him, unaware of where Saffron sat. His dark scales always hid him in night, so it was perfect for his hunting.

'Maybe I can make a game out of this!' Saffron thought excitingly, getting a better sitting point on the high tower, 'Baron does it all the time. Now what should I....'

Saffron's voice trailed off when his foot hit something laying on the tower next to an open trapdoor. Thanks to his eyes in this form, Saffron saw what it was easily.

It was a dead guard.

The End

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