A Game of PretendMature

Saffron walked the edges of the city staring at the large trenches that surrounded it. He wished they could put water in them. It would be a great place for a swim. Saffron had always loved to swim. Or had he? It was hard to tell what he had been like before he awoke, so he stopped caring and focused on the night sky. It was time to fly again.

Checking his surroundings, Saffron made sure he was not seen. Baron had told him about nudity and its effects on the people here. Odd, did they know they were born like that? How did they bathe or do their necessities with clothing on, anyway? People here were so odd.

Saffron stripped down and quickly started his metamorphasis into his other half. He felt himself grow larger and everything else grow smaller. It was still an odd feeling, but it was one he loved nonetheless. Bigger was better, after all!

'Now,' Saffron thought, 'to catch me a bird.'

Beating his powerful wings, Saffron took off into the air to search for his next meal. As he flew higher, saffron began to sing. "Birds, birds, birds, the more I eat, the more-" 

A soft weight fell onto Saffrons back, causing him to stop singing. Was someone riding him? Looking around, Saffron saw Baron standing on his back. The urge to roll and cause the man to fall came to mind instantly, but Saffron didn't want to anger his Lady any further.

"What do you want, Mr. Mean?" Saffron growled, releasing a flame with every word. 

Baron laughed and sat down. "I want you to play a game for me," He said. Saffron immediately perked up. He loved games. It didn't matter what kind they were, so long as he could play. Well... as long as it wasn't like the last game he played...

"Why should I play your games?" Saffron retorted, his fangs now showing, "Last time I got attacked and hurt!" It had taken a while to get out of that mess with all the undead soldiers on him. 

"Relax, this game doesn't have any fighting," Baron said, "Your going to be an escort to a party." Saffron's eyes grew larger. Was he really? He had to tell the Lady! "All I need to do is tell Sage now and-"

Baron was interrupted as Saffron changed his form suddenly, dropping rapidly towards the ground. Baron, instead of falling as well, simply disappeared. Saffron thought he was a coward at times.

Below Saffron the ground came slowly toward him. As he fell though, he watched all the lights from the fires around the big city. They reminded him of something... Of what, he didn't know, but it seemed important. Maybe it was another game?

The ground rushed at him rapidly now, causing Saffron to change back into his other self. Just before the ground reached him, Saffron's transformation was complete. He spread his wings, stopping his fall a mere feet from the grassy ground, then took off once more toward the castle. He needed to tell his Lady he was going to a ball.

Remembering his clothes, Saffron decided it would be best to not change again until after he told the Lady. He sighed. Hopefully she wouldn't get mad.

The End

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