Merry MenMature

Baron entered the drawing room, where he found Sage readying her bow and arrows. He took in the sight of her as she placed them in her large satchel bag.He wondered why she would need that on her trip to Sandstone. If she were going hunting before hand, she would be bound to trip in the forest with the long green gown that she was wearing. He moved closer for a better look. A crest which interrupted a lion with an eagle soaring proudly above it was delicately sewn in the shoulder It was the new insignia for Galvenston. The eagle was said to represent freedom. The fabric of her dress appeared to be a soft velvet. The dress itself was a slim fit against her body accenting her curves. He wanted to look away, he preferred to think of Sage as a slender framed girl without any womanly attributes. It made things much easier for him. The hue of the forest green dress accented red highlights in her long golden hair and made her eyes shine, shifting their blue to turquoise. 

“It was my mother's,” she offered.

Baron opened his mouth to speak, but closed it, he wasn't sure what he was going to say after all. Sage twirled for him displaying the Emerald encrusted trim of the dress. Even though she was an Empress he forgot how she came from a rich and elite background. She always wanted to hunt and fight like a man. He would have a hard time letting her after seeing her like this and after Drakmor had attacked him for it.

“I'm going to Sandstone. I haven't been there since I was a child. The castle there is majestic. You must see it sometime,” Sage gushed before a her expression turned more serious. “I mean this time I have important matters to tend to. Since I am in fact grown up!” She snapped.

Baron nodded knowingly in response, confused by her defensiveness. Had he called her a child at some point? No, he could clearly see she was grown up. There was no mistake about it.

“Take Saffron. I just spoke with him. He is to escort you there.” He called back lamely. Just as Sage left another figure entered the room. Just the person he had been hoping for. Baron narrowed his eyes. Was Drakmor offering him a rematch?

Drakmor cleared his throat “I need your help halfling. We've disco-”

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as Baron charged at him. Knocking him into an aged harp that sat in the corner of the drawing room. Drakmor let out a confused disgruntled growl before aiming a punch at Baron's face, but Baron was too quick for him and deflected the bow. Drakmor savagely grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him into a suit of arms. Baron recovered and ran full speed at the man knocking him into a long and narrow stained glass window. 

Drakmor pulled a shard of glass out of his back. His gaze went for the sword and shield that hung on the wall. Baron smiled, the man was a fool if he thought that would come unlodged quickly. Drakmor proved him wrong as he jumped up and ripped the sword from the wall. He charged at Baron who in turn blasted him with fire lore. Drakmor whelped in pain as the cuff of his pant leg went up in flames. He extinguished it by rolling onto the floor. He summoned his Phoenix strength as lunged at Baron, aiming a kick to his chest.

Just then Calla had entered the room with a serving tray, which she dropped once she saw the state of the drawing room. “Stop this at once,” the maid cried. Her voice was drowned out by the sound of yelling and cursing as the two men continued to fight each other.

The End

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