Drakmor stomped up the stairs, towards Sage's room, his anger leading his every action.

A few guards came to stop him, only to be thrown aside like a sack of potatoes. Drakmor wouldn't let them stop him, not until he had his word with Sage. He thought she was more responsible now and less foolish. But, no. The fool girl goes and nearly gets herself killed. Athena's powers or not, that was a dangerous move Drakmor could not forgive.

Baron appeared before him, obviously knowing what Drakmor thought. The man knew how he felt. His face told Drakmor that. 

Still, the taller man placed himself in Drakmor's path. Why did he force Drakmor to do this? 

"Step aside, Baron," Drakmor said, never slowing his pace. The other man just stood there, as if he were a self imposed wall.

"No, the Siren needs her rest," the man replied. 

Drakmor sighed, his anger making him shake now. "I should beat you first anyway, I suppose." Surging his blood, Drakmor ran at the man. Years before, the half god could have stopped Drakmor with ease, but now Drakmor had better control over his body. He could not be stopped.

After all, he was built to kill Gods.

Smashing his fist into Baron's side, Drakmor forced the man against the wall. For some reason, Baron didn't fight back, so Drakmor punched him once more, sending him flying down the stairs. He didn't even wait to see the man hit the stairs. Drakmor headed off to Sage's room.

It was a little ways up the hallway, but Drakmor eventually got there and smashed open the door. He found Sage looking out her window at her crumbled kingdom. Other than a bandage on her shoulder, she looked fine, if a little tired.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Drakmor bellowed as he walked toward her.

Sage turned around, an amused look in her eye. Drakmor had the urge to stop and wait for her command, but ignored it quickly. The magic Athena had given her was powerful, but it was negated by Pheonix or, as the people here called him, Helios.

"You seem worried, Drakmor," Sage said with a amused expression. "Why?"

Drakmor reached her and picked her up by her arms, not caring when she twinged from her shoulder wound. "Are you stupid!?" He roared at her.

"I have Athena's-"

"I don't care!" Drakmor interupted, "If you die, so does this kingdom! A leaders place is behind his armies, commanding them, not at it's head! The minute you fall is the moment your empire falls!" Sage looked at him seriously now. Drakmor couldn't take the look, though. She reminded him too much of Valeria still. He dropped her, letting the woman fall to her arse. "Think next time, foolish girl!"

He turned to leave, only to be stopped by some force he identified as Athena's magic. "Drakmor...," Sage said in a barely audible voice, "You've changed."

"I grew up," he replied, remembering the events between when he had last seen the crew of the Jackdaw and the present. "You should too." With that, Drakmor left. He had no more words for her.

Outside the room, Zero Zalizor stood waiting. "Harsh, aren't you?" he said with a bemused grin. The boy was frustrating at the best of times.

"Have you found out anything?" Drakmor asked.

"Yes," Zero answered, "It seems that Blue is indeed here and working with the enemies. I was nearly caught, but managed to get away without doing much damage." Drakmor nodded and walked on. If Blue was helping out the enemies of Sage, then they truly were in trouble.

The End

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