Out RunMature

Sage grew rigid as enemy hands swept up to pick her off the ground. The plan had gone awry. She wasn't supposed to be captured. She was thrown up on a horse, side saddle, behind an armed solider. She had two choices, fight or keep up the facade.

She dropped the dagger in the ground somewhere, with nothing more than her body and her mind to protect her, she tapped the man seated in front of her on the horse. She wasn't one to attack someone behind his back. When the solider turned she put forth all of her effort into the punch she threw at his face. The impact knocked the man off the horse. Awkwardly she pushed her dress up her thighs, and properly straddled the horse in motion. She tugged on the reigns. After the commotion she had just caused, a few men began to piece together the puzzle. They began to see through her facade. She kept her head low dodging a few arrows. She cried out as one hit her in the shoulder, she lost her grip on the reigns and fell off of the stolen horse landing on her stomach. She ripped the arrow out of her shoulder. Trickles of warm blood seeped through her garment. Before she could recover, a pair of cold hands were around her neck.

The creature wore a passive expression. His skin was wrinkled and his hair was thinned out and bleached with age. While gasping for what seemed like would be her last breaths of air, she swung the arrow upwards, into the Zombie's chest. He fell backwards. His body began to shake uncontrollably as it shriveled up, eventually disintegrating into ashes. A man with dark hair and glowing eyes, appeared closer in the dark. He walked over to applaud her victory, mockingly, of course. “Congratulations. You managed to kill a dead person. Hats off to you Empress.”

Sage crawled away from the man as he bent towards her. “Who are you?”

He held out a hand for her, “Cobra is my name. What?....Are you afraid to shake my hand?” He smiled and in that moment he looked more insane than Saffron at his worst. “Or is it that your curious about what's in my other hand?” He raised his left hand, which coiled around Baron's dagger. “I could always finish where your friend left off.” The man, Cobra raised the dagger above her chest.

This was a grave error, she wasn't supposed to die in her first battle for Galvenston. She needed a plan, but was fresh out of ideas. A prayer was answered in the form of a battle cry. She could feel the heat of fire nearby and screams of her enemies. The man, Cobra, shot up onto his feet, as he raced to his horse. The heat was close enough to scorch her open wound. Would Baron or Saffron be able to see her out here in the dark?

Sage was overcome with smoke and heat, she felt someone's arms go around her. She woke up at dawn in her own bedroom. Hazily, she checked to make sure that all of her limbs were intact. Asides from the bandage on her shoulder, all seemed well. Zuess settled at the foot of her bed, warming her feet. She thought about settling back into rest, but noise outside of the castle walls prevented her from doing so. She pushed the double doors open and stepped outside onto the balcony. The people of Galvenston seemed to be embracing the small victory, with fine spirits, music and dance. She couldn't help but wonder if it was luck that kept them alive last night. Everybody knew that winning the war was improbable, yet they chose to live in the now, celebrating another day of life, instead of  fretting over when their last one would be.

The End

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