Ruining the Plan. Or not?Mature

Saffron leaned over his Lady, the only one he saw as his master, holding a knife. Even though it was a game, it was maddening. Or was it alright, since it was a game? The thoughts in his head jumbled up all at once. Could he play a different way? Was there a cheat or trick he could exploit. What kind of game was it anyway?

Saffron sighed and watched his Lady, who laid on the ground in oddly pleasant clothing. She stared at him uncertainly, probably because she was playing their game as well. But Saffron ignored that and focused on her dress. Where had he seen that before?

'Beatrix...' a voice whispered in the back of his head. Saffron ignored it, and his Lady's dress, and focused on a noise in the forest to his left. Was it more people to play with? Saffron wondered if they knew the rules to the game. It was an odd game, he knew, but it had to have a point. Baron had explained it to him, but he had forgotten everything already. After all, Baron was just a boring and mean man.

Saffron squinted in the distance. There were men on horseback were being led by a group of sick and decrepit looking people. He titled his head, how odd, he thought. As the armed men grew nearer he gasped in realization. The dagger in his hand shook wildly. 

“Saffron!” Sage hissed, trying to keep perfectly still.

He took a few, deep calming breath, he needed to focus. If he lost control now he would most likely change into the dragon and give them away. No, he needed to wait for them to come closer, not until he saw the whites of their eyes, as Baron had instructed. Then he remembered. The Game was about to really begin.

They came closer, allowing the men on horseback to actually see Saffron. Saffron, in turn, saw them. He saw their familiar armor, their bloodshot eyes, and their strained faces. They must be ready to play with him, then.

Saffron laughed hysterically, then. If he was going to play, he might as well go above and beyond what he was told.

Maliciously, Saffron looked to his Lady, who now looked truly afraid, just as he saw the horsemen noticing the scene. The undead in front of them stopped short of where Saffron stood, still looking at his Lady. 

"You!" he said loudly, making sure that the horsemen controlling the undead soldiers heard, "I'll deal with you after I kill these men!" With another bellow of laughter, Saffron leaped into the air and changed forms. His part in the game Baron had told him to play was to get his Lady taken by the enemy in a good way, whatever that meant. 

In his other form, with his sinuous limbs and dark scales, Saffron attacked the undead soldiers. They fell easily, dying after one swipe of Saffron's claw or tail, but something was off. Saffron didn't think they were really playing, as Baron had said. Maybe they were just obstacles? Saffron looked to the horsemen, who now shouted orders. Were they his opposing players?

Smiling, Saffron attacked the undead once more, purposely making himself crawl toward the horsemen. 

"Get the lady, protect her," They yelled to their army of corpses. Saffron smiled, knowing his part of the game was over. Now, all he had to do was....

Saffron noticed a few of the undead soldiers heading toward his Lady. Why were they doing that!? Saffron, now enraged, attacked the undead that had grabbed him in his moment of pause and threw them away.

Some horsemen ran ahead of the army, trying to beat Saffron, who was being held down by corpses they controlled, to his Lady. Saffron flailed wildly, sending a few more undead soldiers flying. He needed to save his Lady!!!

'Get out of there!?' Barons voice yelled in his head. Saffron realized what was happening then. The game was going badly, it seemed. 

Unable to bear the thought of ruining the game further, Saffron took off into the night. He could at least watch the Lady... Maybe she would do better than Saffron had...?

The End

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