Food at Last!Mature

Saffron flapped his wings hard to keep from slamming into the quickly-approaching ground. The big bird in his jaws made it hard, but at least it wasn't moving around anymore.

His long black legs touched the ground roughly. Saffron struggled to gain his balance, but eventually found it after wailing his wings out for a few moments. He dropped the oversized bird and noticed Baron and the Lady staring at him. Did they want some?

"Saffron," Baron started, knowing what Saffron had thought, "I don't want-" 

The mean man was cut off by the giant bird suddenly jumping up and lashing out toward the Lady. Saffron , on instinct, pounced toward the bird. No one was supposed to hurt the Nice Lady!

He, however, was too late. Baron, who had leaped from his horse, was too late as well. Time slowed down. Saffron saw the talon of the large bird reaching the Lady's calm face. Was that a bruise he saw on her cheek?

The bird stopped, it's claw nearly touching the Lady's face. Saffron landed on top of the creature a split second later and sliced off it's massive clawed foot before it could gain another chance.

"Saffron wins!" Saffron yelled out, excited that he had caught it. He bit into the large birds wing, wanting to hear it shriek in pain, only to hear nothing.

"Saffron!" the Lady called, " Leave the Roc alone!" Baron and Saffron both looked at the Lady confusingly. Did she want it all to herself? Saffron was impressed and horrified at the thought of the Lady eating the whole bird. Could she turn into a monster too, then? 'I bet she is blue,' he thought.

"You," the Lady said to the big bird that Saffron still held down on Baron's command, "Do you work for anyone?"

"Yes, mistress," the creature replied, causing Saffron to grow excited. Maybe if he ate it, he could talk! Wait...


"I... don't know," it replied in a broken voice. "Forgive me mistress." With that, Baron sliced the creatures head off. Saffron took it as a sign, so he drug the body away from the Lady and the mean guy to eat it. Oh, the joy. His belly would be full once more!

The End

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