Bird of PreyMature

Saffron flew through the dark sky, his sanity momentarily available, and pondered his situation.

'These men want me to help in a war I have nothing to do with,' he thought, knowing Baron could hear his thoughts, 'why do I continue to follow? Even with my sanity barely available, shouldn't I still have a sense of what's right?'

In his mind, Saffron heard Baron mutter something, but thought nothing of it. The man wasn't talking to Saffron, so it mattered not.

All that DID matter was this moment of sanity. He knew his mind was staying in it's unstable form more and more lately, making moments of lucidity very rare. Saffron was afraid of the insanity, but he no longer fought it. Especially after Baron had made him walk through the streets of Galvenstone. 

The citizens looked worse than he had when he 'awoke' in that forest just weeks before. Their houses were almost all destroyed, as well as their clothing. They wandered around looking for anything of use, though they had never found much of anything. What they did find, which was metal of various shapes and sizes, was sent to the forgeries to make weapons. Weapons they knew their lives depended on. And lastly was their eyes; their eyes were devoid of hope.

It was enough to make Saffron cry.

Saffron felt his sanity slipping, his thoughts turning into that of a childs. A bird flew by his head. Saffron wondered if it tasted good. Thoughts of ripping it apart flew through his head. Yes, it would be very good, but if he chased after the bird, Baron would yell at him.

'Darn,' Saffron thought, a puff of smoke escaping his jaws. Why did that mean guy always ruin Saffron's fun?

Ahead, he saw another bird. Could he catch it? Did he want to? Of course he did!

Saffron prepared for the distant bird, which only grew larger as it came toward him. It was a big bird! Maybe he could actually get full off this one. The figure continued to grow until it was nearly Saffron's size, causing some worry to rise up in Saffron. Why did this bird seem familiar? Had it stolen Saffrons food before? That was how he knew most animals he killed.

'No, fool!' a faint voice in Saffron's head shouted, 'That's a Roc!' 

Before Saffron could question the rude voice, he felt the impact of the bird as it slammed into his body. Though Saffron was surprised at the size of the bird, he was more surprised at how much food he would have.

The giant bird, on the otherhand, was completely surprised and let out a shrill cry as it tried to escape. Saffron bit into it's neck, his fangs sinking deep into the feathered skin, and held on to the enormous creature. He was hungry, and this time he would eat, with or without Baron yelling.

Together Saffron and the bird fell toward where Baron was talking to some woman. Maybe they would want some of this bird?

The End

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