Dangerous GroundMature

The impact of slamming into a wall, quickly brought Sage out of Athena's dark Abyss. She had remembered what she asked of Drakmor only a minute ago. A feeling of nostalgia washed over her. She had too remind herself that it was Athena's influence trying to steal Drakmor's abilities and not her own. Drakmor howled in pain, bringing her back to reality. Baron was right , she wasn't strong enough to control Athena's powers. Her head felt heavy, she looked at the silver haired boy standing beside Drakmor. He had called him Zero. He stood protectively in front of Drakmor. It was almost laughable to think of Drakmor as someone who needed a body guard. She didn't laugh though, she didn't even smile as Drakmor's walked over to her with his arms spread out like some sort of vengeful angel. He was offering her his strengths.

She had to admit it was tempting. That was her thinking and not Athena's. Was he offering his powers to the wicked Goddess to fend her off, or to her? She wasn't completely sure. She stood up and glanced up into Drakmor's face for the answers. “I'm sorry, it's me now,” she said gently, hoping he would retract his tempting offer. She could see the faintest smile form on his face. “I know,” he whispered back.

She knew she was wasting time by contemplating his offer. She should say something, anything would be better than staring at the man like he had two heads. Zero cleared his throat intrusively. Decision time, she told herself.


The hooves of Baron's stallion we're like thunder beating against the dessert floor crossing into enemies territory. The silver beast was wild if not instructed promptly. Crows screeched and raced to get out of the way, as the mass of a black leather figure drove into them. Baron had to squint to see Saffron who blended in with the night sky.

He had revealed one of his powers to Saffron, instructing him to take in everything with his night vision and think clearly so he could get a better read on his thoughts. Baron hardly used his telekinesis, although there were times when it would have come in handy, he felt it was an invasion of one's privacy. In this case it would prove to be an excellent war tactic. His mind blended with Safffron's dragon mind. So far all the dragon could pick up on was  dry cracked earth and much too Baron's disgust the occasional bird that he wanted  to consume. A couple minutes ago he had even gone as far as too envision picking the bones apart and savoring the favor of it's juicy lithe body. Disgusting, he would get back at him for that one later.

Baron hadn't expected anything  but desert for a while longer. So it came as a shock to him when Saffron suddenly picked up an intruder. He went on the defensive even as Saffron's mind relaxed. He recognized the horse as it drew nearer. He cursed under his breath. He couldn't believe Pierson would be as bold as to steal Sage's horse. “Pierson,” he warned the cloaked figure when the horse was only a couple yards away.

“It's not Pierson,” the feminine voice said, pulling back her hood. She smiled wickedly. He wasn't sure if it was his mother's influence that fueled Sage or her own desire for blood shed. He shivered and not from the cold of night.

The End

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