Pheonix DownMature

Drakmor walked into the room where Sage was. He knew of Baron's plan from Zero. The boy was the best of the best, when he wasn't being the immature brat he usually was.

Sage looked toward Drakmor, a dangerous glint forming in her eye. Drakmor knew she had gotten some sort of power from Baron's witch of a mother, but surely the influence of Athena wasn't infused along with the power? If it was, Drakmor had to be cautious.

The woman, who he noticed had matured even more since their days aboard the Jackdaw, walked toward him in an almost mechanical manner. Athena's influence? Drakmor almost took a step back, but instead he forced himself to stand his ground. He needed to face her, if he could, and possibly steal Athena's magic. Sage didn't need to tamper with the abilities like that magic.

Sage reached for the mug of cider that Drakmor held, causing a feling of relief to was over him. Maybe she was in control and didn't need any-

A cold chill ran up Drakmor's arm, caused by Sage's hand on Drakmor' own. 

At first, the cold chill simply spread throughout his body. Then, after a moment of staring into Sage's - no, Athena's - cold eyes, he heard a haunting melody. It sounded sickly sweet, almost like the sound of a banshee. It captivated Drakmor, causing him to ignore his rational thoughts. 

It did until the pain came, that is.

Agony flashed through his body, forcing Drakmor to howl in pain. Waves of anguished flowed with each passing moment, causing the howling to come louder. It was as if every suicide attempt he had ever made had all came back in one rush. Drowning, hanging, burning, suffocation, poisoning, falling of a cliff. They were nothing compared to what he felt now.

A flash of light came from the side of the room and Sage was thrown back against a wall. Drakmor fell to his knees, the cider falling on to the carpeted floor.

"I thought you said she was a friend," a voice Drakmor identified as Zero's said. Looking up, Drakmor saw the silver haired boy in his pitch black stealth suit. For once, Drakmor was not annoyed to see the child. "Damn, dude, you are NOT good with women!"

Sage stood from where she had been tossed, a look of annoyance crossing her bruised face. "Sage," Drakmor whispered, "What's wrong with you?"

Sage walked toward him once more.

"Zero!" Drakmor called quickly when he noticed the boy tense, "Don't kill her!"

"Oh, come on, weakling, I can control-"

"No! Remember what you did to Dethnus?" The boy frowned, but backed away from the oncoming Sage. Zero was dangerous as they came and the only man to ever beat Drakmor in a fair battle more than twice. In fact, he had only been beaten by Dethnus.

Drakmor stood and walked toward Sage. He stopped in front of her and spread his arms. "Take it then, Sage Rosewood."

The End

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