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In the Center Baron readied his men with training. He reiterated the proper way to retreat and fall in, while in sword fight. He showed them how to defend themselves more than anything. He told them that in war your ears must act as your eyes and your heart must act as your brain.

Pierson watched in awe, partially concealed by a dead willow tree. Every now and than Baron stole a glance at the boy. He could see the familiar eagerness and blood thirst in the boy's eyes and than he remembered how the fascists had his parents murdered. If the boy didn't find an outlet his need for his revenge, he would be ridden with dark desires. Baron knew what it was like to be forced to sit helplessly on the sidelines when their were heads to be had. He had half a mind to give the boy a sword, but thought better of it. Sage would surely take his title.

He dismissed the men from the rigorous activity and ordered them all to return to the castle with their steeds and Armour in two hours. Though they weren't going to be preparing for a battle that they would surley loose. Baron couldn't let them in the know about what the real plans were. He hoped that when they returned to the castle and realized they had been fooled Darroll and the Mounsekien guards could hold off the prideful men with their mystics while he sneaked out of the Empire with saffron. When he told Sage his plan to stop the Syrian's in their tracks she had been livid, not because of what he was setting off to do, but rather what he was having her contained from running off and doing. He recalled the conversation he had earlier with her in the drawing room. She was poised over her map with her silly little pendulum. Her brow was furrowed and a worried look played out on her face . Zuess and Hera, the hunting hounds they had bargained for last year, were curled up in the middle of the floor, they perked up when he had entered the room.

When she had noticed his presence she stood up immediately. Her demeanor changed as she put on a brave facade for his sake. Baron took her small hand in his own calloused and oversized paw. He gave it a reassuring squeeze. “I'm going to intercept the Syrian's tonight. I am taking Saffron as an added precaution,” he declared.

He waited for Sage to absorb this bit of information and didn't continue until she gave a slight nod. “ As long as the plan goes accordingly the Syrians believe we are oblivious to their plans to attack. Had it not been for the Mounseikens we would have never gained the upper hand. Now Saffron and Myself have devised a counter attack.”

Sage became rigid with concealed worry. “ Are you sure it will work?”

Baron grinned. “The one advantage about having a dragon for an ally is that he can fly overhead the Empires and figure out our opponents strategy. So yes Siren, I am sure it will work. I know how to cut off the Syrian army's legs and make them fall to defeat. Pray, just trust me,” he said giving her hand one final squeeze.

“I do. I am coming for reinforcement as well,” she announced.

Baron laughed offensively. “I'm sorry, what?”

Sage tried not to grimace with his lack of confidence in her. Had she not fought a man to the death to save Galvenston from the throes of Fascism?

She tugged her hand out of his grasp. “I said I am coming along, with you and Saffron.”

Baron crossed his arms and towered over her. She hated when he used his God like size and demeanor as an offensive operation. “I should think not. Sage,” he spoke clearly and deliberately.

Both Zuess and Hera walked over to the lumbering demigod. Traitors, Sage thought.

“It is far too dangerous,” Baron said.

“What kind of leader would I be if I stayed behind while I sent my best men off to war?” She argued.

“Your quick to forget your own codes, Siren. Flattery will get you nowhere.” he growled while Zuess and Hera took to cozying up against his legs.

“Baron, with your mother's powers instilled in me I am much stronger than any other mortal,” she pleaded.

Baron snapped his fingers to ward the dogs off of him. They retreated to the corner of the room. “My mother may have burdened you with some of her powers, but she hasn't instilled you with the wit or strength to properly operate them!”

Stage stepped back as if she had been slapped. Never before had he risen his voice in such an insulting manner. Baron whispered something incomprehensible before leaving the room and slamming the door behind him. Sage wallowed in fury. Baron and Saffron we're leaving now. Baron had made up his mind, their was nothing she could do to convince him otherwise. She cursed herself for not using her authority on him, she should have threatened to revoke his title as commander of the Galvenston army, even if that threat was becoming a bit played out. She paced about the room. Zuess and Heira had once again fallen asleep. She hated the way Baron could compel even her own hunting dogs better than she could, and it was all because of his Immortal mystics. How unfair, she thought, childishly.

She closed her eyes in defeat. She could feel Athena's power swell up in her veins, making her body tingle with adrenaline. Even the power that Baron had forbidden her from as anything other than a last resort, was taunting her In her mind she could hear Athena's voice call out to her. It took all of her willpower not to answer it. She knew all she had to do was allow herself to use the magick and it would do all her bidding as she saw fit. She felt a pressure ebbing against her temple. She could hear Athena whisper a feint song. The words were foreign to her, but the pain and sorrow, and need for revenge spoke to her from beneath the lyrics. The two women were connected for a moment, if not by their emotions, than by the power itself.

The door to the drawing room swung open and the song ended abruptly. Annoyed, she opened her eyes. Drakmor was standing there. He held out a mug of cider, a peace offering, though like her his mind seemed elsewhere with the occurrences of war unfolding around them. Mechanically she walked over to the man. His powers, although other worldly were parallel in strength to Baron's. He would have allowed Drakmor to accompany them if he had asked twice, she thought jealously. If she had those kind of mystics maybe she would have been permitted to go. How many times was Baron planning on making a mockery out of her during this reign?. She reached for the mug of cider. All she needed to do was concentrate. She closed her eyes and let the darkness consume her. She knew what she wanted; immortal strength, and resilience to operate Athena's magick.; now all she had to do was take. She closed her hand around Drakmor's under the mug. He tried to step away from her, but even as she released his hand, the magic already had it's hold on him.

The End

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