Sage paced the dinning hall for what seemed like an hour before Baron took her by the shoulders and ordered her to stop. She had called a meeting with Saffron, Baron and Pierson to get their thoughts on the situation. Baron didn't like the idea of Drakmor's interference, nor did Saffron. It was the first time they had ever agreed on anything.

Pierson kept asking for Sage to put him in the war, as if one small boy's presence could mean the difference between life or death. She had grown so annoyed with Pierson's insistence that she wasn't even gentle with his feelings anymore when he asked. “You will stay here and tend to the horses and livestock at the castle. I will not be made a mockery of by sending a child out to battle!”

Pierson slammed his boyish fist on the table. “You are a fool to turn down the added help, and as for those two,” he said pointing at Baron and Saffron. “They are foolish to even try to refuse Drakmor and his men,” He started to walk up to his room when Baron called after him. Pierson turned around.

Baron caught up with him at the stair well. “It will do you good to learn some respect around here boy, if you think that-”

Sage tugged on Baron's arm. The demigod was no gentler with children than he was with grown men.

“Leave it,” Sage warned, they had more important matters to turn to. “I need to talk to you. Alone.” She shifted her eyes over to Saffron, guiltily. He offered her a polite smile before dismissing himself from the room. Sage led Baron to the table. “Your mother owes us a favor,” she said in desperation.

Baron's head fell into his hands. He didn't want to go there and Sage knew that. “Baron I wouldn't ask if it weren't a matter of life or death but we spared her life in the war against Aries. I know she hated being in your debt so-”

“So what?!” Baron asked banging his fist on the table. Sage glanced at the wooden surface that was starting to warp from the fist banging as of late. “Her power is dark. There are consequences for being involved with that kind of magic.”

“It can't be worse than imminent death,” Sage argued. Baron returned her with a dubious look.

“Fine,” He growled. “Don't say I didn't warn you.”

Baron closed his eyes in concentration. She had seen him do this before. He was calling his mother down from wherever it was she lived. In her mind Sage pictured the horrid woman on top of a rain cloud, her arms crossed, as she glared down at her son on earth. A moment later a blinding light filled the room. Sage had to squint to make out the beautiful woman. Her hair was lavish and dark. It cloaked her shoulders and her ageless face. Her lips were blood red, and her eyes were dark as slait. Baron only resembled her with his facial expressions. They had the same angry glare.

“Mother,” he greeted indifferently.

Athena's face transformed into a malicious smile. “Ah, my son to what do I owe this pleasure?”

Baron glanced over at Sage to remind himself why he was going through the trouble. “ I am asking for your assistance in war.”

Athena's eyes went wide with interest. “Very well,” She said simply. “I have been waiting on you to call out to me.”

“You have?” Baron said, surprised.

Athena's smile became wider.

“Mother. We are at odds here. Our enemies are coming closer and we are ill prepared.”

“Hmm, shocker.”Athena said toying with a strand of hair.

“I was hoping you could-”

Athena held up a finger to stop him from speaking. “Son, I have better things to do with my time. So I'm going to do you one better and just allow you free reign of a small amount of my power.”

Baron and Sage gasped in surprise. “Oh yes puppets,” Athena said. “I will only require one thing; a human vessel.”

Baron shook his head no as Sage stepped forward to offer herself up. He grabbed her arm. “Sage, her magic could corrupt or even kill you.” he warned, addressing her by her proper name. Sage shook him off. “We are running out of time and options.”

Athena smiled. “You are wise child. Come now, stand before me.”

Sage forced herself to move forward, before she could change her mind. Athena placed her hands upon her shoulders. She whispered an ancient curse. A moment later Sage felt a surge on of energy burst through her chest with an empowering force that propelled her backwards. Baron caught her before she could hit the floor.

“Consider us even,”Athena said before vanishing.

It took a moment for Sage to come to. She opened her eyes. Baron gasped when he saw her irises had turned black. He reached for her arm again. He could sense the magic that cursed through her veins. It was dark and disturbing. Sage blinked and her eyes had transformed back to their regular hue of green.

She smiled. For years she had been surrounded by people with unique abilities and powers. Now she had held her own little bit of power. Eager to see what she could do, she moved away from Baron and focused her energies on the ceiling. Above her head hung an intricate chandelier constructed of iron and gold plates. She had meant to light the candles it housed, though she wasn't entirely sure how to use her temporary powers. Her blood was calling out to her to create or destroy, it didn't matter which. Her nerves tingled with adrenaline as she willed her magic onto the chandelier. She smiled as the sheer force of her power began to rattle it. Baron screamed something incomprehensible and pushed her out of the way, just as the fixture tore free from the ceiling, crashing onto the floor where she stood a second ago.

The End

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