Drakmor walked toward Darrol, who held Baron by the arms with enlarged arms. His power always was odd, but Drakmor respected him and the Manticore he had absorbed into his body.

"Enough, Darrol," Drakmor called, making the man release Baron. Though, with Barons powers it was surprising Darrol had captured the God at all. "Baron, hows it been?"

The God of War stared at him with annoyance. Drakmor hadn't left under good circumstances with the man, causing the friendship they had had to all but evaporate. "Drakmor Vayr, too?" He asked Sage, who followed Drakmor along with Speedy and five of his guards.

"It would appear we have help," Sage said, still sounding annoyed.

"Yes, though with your attitude, I don't know why we don't just leave," Drakmor said before turning to his guards. "You guys go heal the other guards that our God friend here knocked out, then have them help you heal those we injured." Drakmor turned to Darrol. "As for you, go get Jim and Zero and help them calm down the Great Lizard, or whatever it is, up there."

Sage smiled at Drakmor, though not in a friendly way. "Saffron giving you trouble?"

Drakmor rolled his eyes. "Baron," he said, ignoring Sage, "We have to train these men before the other army gets here."

"Army?" Baron asked, looking alarmed.

"Yes, we saw one coming on our way here. I left a good friend there to slow them, but he won't be able to trick them for long." Drakmor looked to Sage, then. "Look, I know I made you guys mad when I left like I did, but I'm here to help." With that he kneeled before Sage. He knew how stubborn she got, but he also knew how right she was. "I am yours to command for the length of time that I stay here." Drakmor felt his pride in pain, but ignored it. 

"Hopefully, you'll be more obedient than some," Sage said, causing Baron to glare at her. 

Little did Sage know, Drakmor loved being commanded. He just hoped this woman didn't do it like Valeria had, or he might be convinced to stay.

The End

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