Pleasant ReunionMature

Sage blinked twice to make sure this was real and not some bizarre day dream. It was. Drakmor was really sitting right in front of her. Not only did he have the nerve to show up after how they had left things, but the audacity to undermined her authority. Yet all she could think about was how much she had missed the man in the two years that had passed. She tried to bury her affections towards Drakmor along with the affections of her other friends from the Jackdaw, who she hadn't seen since Baron had ripped apart Aries. Not since the Jackdaw had been crashed in the struggle.

“Come closer,” Sage whispered motioning him forward. Drakmor eyed her curiously as he inched forward in his chair their knees brushed, sending a pleasant shiver down Sage's spine. She reached forward to touch Drakmor's cheek to make sure he was real and not a mirage. His smile wavered slightly as her nails dug into the place where the faint scar on his cheek was fading. She pulled his face closer to hers. Their eyes met, she wanted to make sure he would receive her message loud and clear.  She spoke crisp and slowly. “I do not need your permission to asks questions, you are nothing but a troublesome, intrusive, destructive... machine. If you threaten my Empire or my civilians. I will have every member of your congregation disarmed and hung for treason. Besides what makes you think I want your help?”

Drakmor grabbed her wrist and held it tightly in his fist. His grin turned into a bitter smile. “I know you don't want it, but you need it.”


“Bloody hell,” Baron growled as he ran another comrade into the wall. They had finally repaired it and now it and out of anger Baron had thrown another man into it. “Safffron!” He yelled calling for assistance as another round of intruders cornered him. Most of his army lay unconscious on the ground. Someone would pay for that. He looked up at the castle. Saffron was in some kind of dragon trance, sitting atop Baron's tower like an over sized gargoyle. A man seized Baron's arms and pinned them behind his back. Blood ran from Baron's nose to his chin, he was not happy. The man who had captured his arms shoved him forward into what seemed like another brick wall. Baron suffered from momentarily confusion as he looked up at the hard obstacle he had smashed into. It wasn't a wall, but a solid man. “Darrol?” He uttered in confusion. This was not exactly a pleasant reunion. Before Baron could demand answers a fist clipped him in the jaw hard enough to render him unconscious.

The End

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