Familiar FacesMature

The man walked toward the destroyed kingdom, feeling sorrow for the damage he saw. The Captain of the Jackdaw had said it was bad, but the man never knew it was this bad.

Five men accompanied the man, along with a dozen of armored soldiers. The man really wasn't able to go anywhere without them, according to his father. He was certainly a stubborn man. 

The man made it to the gate, only to be stopped by two miserable looking guards. They looked as if all the hope had left their eyes. The man felt sorry for them, but couldn't help to continue with his plan. He needed to test this places defenses. Especially if Sage Rosewood's life depended on these fortifications.

"Zero, Jim, Darrol, Speedy," the man said, "Let's go." 

Immediately after saying what he had, the man punched one of the guards, knocking him out. Zero, his silver hair and matching silver armor making him seem a blur, rushed the second one and knocked him out.

"Darrol, go find our friend Baron," the man said, "Speedy, find out where Sage is and Jim, stay with me."

Jim looked at the man oddly. "Why do you need me?" 

The man laughed. "Because I don't think the beast on the castle is a statue. Now, let's test Sage's defenses before I go and help her.

"Okay, Drakmor," Jim said, smiling.

The man, known as Drakmor years before, stood smiling. It would be good to see his old friend.

The End

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