Shirking DutiesMature

Saffron handed the men another plank of wood. They took it, but were very uneasy about doing so. It was almost like they had never been handed a plank of wood before. 

Saffron yawned, stretching his jaw and showing off his fangs. For some reason, a few workers ran off. Why did they fear Saffron? He had apologized for scaring them. Shouldn't that be enough.

"Ooh," Saffron growled, spotting a ball of interesting color. It had rolled around the corner of a building. Saffron tried to resist leaving the place where Baron told him to stay, but eventually couldn't help but go for the ball.

Men jumped out of the way, dropping their tools as they ran. Saffron was careful not to step on them. If he did hurt anyone else, the Lady would be mad at him.

Reverting back to his small form, Saffron wrapped himself in the cloth he had wrapped around his arm, creating a cloak. He felt like a marauder, then. Walking slowly, he tried to imitate the men in the plays. He looked cool, whether the scared men thought so or not.

His foot hit a colored ball, reminding Saffron why he was headed this way. He picked up the ball and lifted it into the sky. It had looked much cooler farther away, he realized.

"Hey, that's mine!" A voice said, causing Saffron to turn. 

It was a small girl that yelled to Saffron. But what was she claiming? He looked at his cloth covering. Surely, she didn't claim his clothes? The girl reached for the sky, making Saffron realize she meant the colored ball. Saffron handed the girl her ball back.

"Jenna, where are you," another voice called. A woman rounded the corner and spotted the child. "There you are!" The woman seemed genuinely happy. It was odd to Saffron. Could anyone really be that happy?

"Thank you for-" the woman froze after seeing Saffron, fear covering her persona. Saffron just stared blankly back at the woman who was surely mad. The woman grabbed the child and ran, then. What made her react that way?

Was it Saffron?

Saffron got angry then. Why was everyone afraid of him!?

Changing into his larger form, Saffron took off into the sky and towards the top of the Castle. He had been wanting to sit up there for a while now.

Once there, he landed on a tower and sat there. If they thought he was a statue, maybe he wouldn't fear him.

The End

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