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The ride back to Galvenston was a much quicker journey. Sage guessed that Nera could sense her distress, and picked up her pace. She dismounted at the bridge, keeping her injured arm tucked close to her chest. Instantly she was greeted by Pierson.

“Did you bring Master Baron a present?” He asked eagerly.

“Yes. Where is he?” She asked trying her best not to wince from the throbbing pain in her arm.

Pierson smiled as he pointed to the castle. Sage's eyes widened when she saw the destruction of the castle. “Are you sure he still gets a present?” Pierson pressed.

Sage ignored his question. “What happened?” She asked.

“Baron and Saffron got into a brawl. You should have seen it Empress.” Pierson's face became animated as he went into describing the fight in detail. “And than Baron flew through that there wall.” He finished pointing at the wreckage.

Sage's head was beginning to hurt. She handed Pierson Nera's reigns. “Please, see to getting her some water.” She ordered.

“Aye, but what of Baron's present if he isn't going to get it-.”

“Pierson. I have more urgent matters to tend to.” Sage interrupted before walking away.

She pushed through the crowd of soldiers to survey the gaping whole in the castle. She found Baron propped against the wall unconscious. He was being fanned by a maiden. Sage grabbed the fan from the woman’s hand, as she felt Baron's pulse under his chin. “He's fine.” She announced. “Go about your business.”

Sage waited for the crowd to disperse, before addressing Saffron. He lowered his eyes. “I hurt Baron. Yes?” He asked.

Sage nodded her head. She had someone fetch a pail of water. What a waste. She thought as she made Saffron dump water on Baron's head. He blinked in confusion. He greeted her with a smug smile. To which she responded by kicking dirt up at him. “What was that for?!” He yelled. “And why are you holding your arm that way.

“You know what for.” She lowered her voice.

Baron laughed sarcastically. “I'm the injured one and your going to side with the Dragon beast who knocked me into the wall in the first place?”

Sage looked towards Saffron, at least he appeared remorseful unlike Baron. “He does not know enough to control his emotions, when you will him into a fight.”

She felt Saffron relax besides her, she turned abruptly on him. “However. Saffron did create this mess so you will both work on fixing it together.”

Sage walked to her chambers to tend to her injuries. In her chambers she was greeted by a petite servant girl, Kalla. She gasped when Sage shrugged her cloak off. Kalla ushered Sage to come forward. “I fear it is going to have to be reset. Sage nodded her head, as Kalla left to fetch a doctor.

Moments later a brawny man appeared to reset her arm. He smiled and reassured her that the pain would be over before she knew it. The man took her arm in his meaty fingers. Sage screamed in agony as he forced her limbs back together. After a moment she relaxed her breathing. She was about to thank the man, only when she glanced into his eyes something was amiss. The man's pupils started to dilate, his irises turned the color of sleight.

Sage backed away towards the door. She felt for the doorknob behind her. Just as her hand reached the doorknob. The doctor's hand clasped around her wrist. Sage struggled to free herself. “What's happened to you Doctor?” She begged. The doctor's movements seemed forced, he was unable to control or resist whatever dark magic had plagued him.

“Please, I can help you just let me get-”

The doctor cut her off as his other hand went for her throat. Sage dug her nails into the flesh on his own hands, hoping his grip would loosen. He didn't falter, if anything his grip became tighter. Her hand went for the one shot, sheathed at her waist.

She closed her eyes, silently pleading for the dark magic to relinquish it's hold on the doctor. She opened her eyes to see the man was still possessed. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe. She raised the gun so it was parallel to the man's stomach. She squeezed the trigger. The shot rang out, echoing in her ears. The doctor released her and fell to the ground and the dark spirit soared out of his body, disappearing through the castle walls. Sage gasped for air.

She crawled over to the man's corpse. “I am sorry doctor." She whispered as she closed his eyes.”

The End

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