The Dragon vs the HalflingMature

Baron stood watching Saffron's body grow. As it increased in size, black scales covered the man's skin and two lumps formed on his back. Saffron's face extended outward, forming a large snout with razor sharp teeth. Horns extended from Saffron's head. Two jutted out from his temples and swept backward, while a row of horns formed a beard under the large jawline. Wings began to form on Saffron's back,along with an enormous tail. They looked almost like the Jackdaw's wings, but darker and far more sinister. The tail matched them, having spikes at its tip. Lastly, razor sharp claws formed on Saffron's hands and feet.

Saffron finished off his transformation in a matter of moments, growing to a size of a two story building. 

In front of Baron stood Saffron the man no longer. Saffron was now the Dragon of Darkness, straight from angelic lore.


Saffron stood stretching, surprised Baron did not run. Was Saffron not scary, like so many thought? It did not matter, he would make this man hurt for being mean. It was the right thing to do.

Swinging his clawed arm, Saffron attacked Baron. Baron jumped back and pulled his long sword. It was an odd looking thing. Why didn't he use a spear? They were so much better than swords. Weren't they?

Baron sliced Saffron's outstretched hand, causing him to pull it back and breath a jet of black flames at the sword wielding man. His skin hadn't been pierced, but it still hurt. Saffron's fire would repay that. Even though Saffron had a good aim, Baron jumped out of the way of Saffron's flames. It seemed he was afraid. Saffron laughed loudly. Maybe he should eat Baron?

Or would that make Saffron mean?

Rejecting the idea, Saffron remembered he was only supposed to hurt him. It was only right. 

Baron jumped behind a building, causing Saffron to round the corner after him. He found Baron and swung at him with a balled fist. It was funny when Baron jumped out of the way once more. Were they playing tag, then?

"Alright then," Saffron said gruffly, "I'll make it your turn!" 

Saffron twisted and hit Baron in the stomach with his enormous tail, causing them man to fly into a building. Saffron danced around, careful not to hit any of the soldiers that now surrounded him. He did not know why they had spears, nor why they stood around him, but Saffron also did not care.

"If you don't want to get hurt," Saffron said to them, a little flame escaping his mouth, "Then go away." He really would feel bad if he hurt them. It wouldn't be right. They backed away slightly, but never ran off.

Baron landed on the ground in front of the building he had hit. Saffron saw him signal to the soldiers, causing them to leave. Gripping his sword, Baron jumped toward Saffron. He looked like a missile as he shot toward Saffron. Baron stabbed Saffron, or tried to, causing Saffron to fall back in pain. 

This man was a nightmare. He just caused more and more pain to Saffron. It was unfair, he should be the one hurting, not Saffron. But, he just shrugged off the damage Saffron did to him or dodged it. 

Saffron, still hurting from the hit, grabbed Baron and threw him as hard as he could into the same building he had been knocked into earlier. Baron peirced the building and created a hole in the structure. That should teach him. 

Saffron changed back into his human form. His chest hurt still. Why is it that Baron fought back. Didn't he know Saffron was allowed to hurt him?

The End

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