A Glimmer of LucidityMature

Saffron dodged another swing and jumped back from Baron. Why was he attacking him again? Was Saffron doing something bad? Baron wouldn't answer any questions, but Saffron was sure he was mad. Or was Saffron just mad?

Saffron tried to dodge another incoming fist, but was instead hit. He fell and rolled away from his attacker. "Hey, mister," Saffron said, looking around, "Isn't this a lovely building?"

"Bah, you're useless!" Baron said as he cut off his attack. It was clear he was annoyed, but at what? Did he think the building they were in was ugly?

"What do you mean???" Saffron shouted, standing up, "This is a beautiful building!"

Baron stood there for a bit, scratching his chin. He looked like he had an idea. Or was his chin really that itchy? "This building is the ugliest thing I've ever seen," Baron said devilishly, "Except for maybe you."

Saffron frowned and sat back down. This man was being hurtful. It was not very nice, but what could Saffron do? He decided to scratch his chin. It seemed to help Baron think, maybe it would help Saffron think. Or maybe it would make Saffron mean.

Saffron jerked his hand away from his chin. His heartbeat came faster and he curled up. Was the damage done?

Baron simply sighed and sat near Saffron. "Why won't you fight?"

"Why fight when fighting only leads to pain?" Saffron said subconsciously. He studied his hand. Would it show the meanness?

"Because we must fight to protect," Baron replied to something. Who was he talking to?

"That is the path that leads to destruction," Saffron said nonchalontly. Baron must be mad, talking into the air like he was. Saffron never did that. It was too odd.

"Or to the path of salvation," Baron said once again to no one. He really was mad, then. Saffron might laugh. This man was important to the pretty Lady, and yet he was insane. Saffron was glad he wasn't insane. That would be a nightmare.

"Killing is never the answer," Saffron said. Wait, why had he said that? "But hurting a bad man could be fun..."

Saffron jumped up and changed into his other self. His arms grew longer, black scales forming over them, and he felt the building beside them shrink. Now he was a giant! Or wqas the world smaller? Saffron decided not to care. It didn't matter to him, anyway.

"Now, Mr. Mean Man, I'll make you hurt!" Saffron yelled in his grizzly voice. He emphasized it with a jet of black flame. That should scare the bad man.

The End

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