Saffron's LoveMature

Saffron stood, ignoring the others who stared at him, and enjoyed the rain. He loved this weather. Well... the sane part of him did. The other part usually stripped naked and turned into the beast so he could fly in it. 

The sane man enjoyed the rain though. It was soothing and reminded him of his mother. She always loved the rain and said it was a blessing. For some reason, Saffron couldn't remember when the last time he had felt rain was. Though, he knew it wasn't recently.

Slowly, fear began to rise inside Saffron. He felt himself falling inside. It was happening again. For some reason it had been happening a lot around this 'Baron.' Saffron fought the insanity on the inside, but to no avail. A sly smile cracked his face in two.

Saffron danced around in the rain, enjoying it, but resisting the temptation to change. He needed to gobble up this water! Yet, he didn't dare destroy the clothes he had gotten from the guardian. It would be unbecoming of a lord! Instead, Saffron stripped his clothes, careful not to damage them in his haste, and changed into his darker form.

Kicking off the ground, the large dragon took flight and attacked the air with it's massive jaws. Saffron was having fun, eating this water. It tasted bad, but he cared not! Water was good for the body. Which meant it was good for Saffron!

Others on the ground stared at him. He just laughed and carried on with his feast. They were so unlucky. Why didn't they change and follow suit? Oh well. It was more for Saffron. 

The End

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