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Saffron ran along the streets in his new found clothing. Though it was only rags, he felt like a royal lord. He needed a crown!

Fishing around in some wreckage, he found an old hat. Saffron ripped the top of it off and placed the mangled cloth on his head. There. Now he was a lord. But, why would he want to be a lord? He could do better as a knight. 

Saffron shook his head as he realized what he had been doing. 'It's getting worse,' he thought sadly. Was his insanity was triggered by pain? What had happened anyway? Around Saffron was the wreckage of burnt structures along with people who eyed him funny. It couldn't be helped though. He only wore some ragged strips of cloth as clothing and his hair was a tangled mess. His beard, for some reason, was combed. 

Saffron ignored if as he heard a cry. Nearby, a child stood in a burnt house. Why was he in there? Didn't the child know it was dangerous? Before Saffron could call to the child, however, he noticed the structure shake and creak

"Watch out!" Saffron called as he ran to grab the kid. The child stopped crying to look at him, obviously confused. The house made a loud CRACK and fell. Saffron had no choice.

Saffron called on his inner self and felt himself grow bigger and stronger. He quickly reached his long black-scaled arm toward the kid, grabbing the shild before the house fell into rubble. 

'Phew,' Saffron thought. He checked the child in his large hand and found no major wounds. The child had passed out from either the experience of his house falling in or Saffron's appearance. It didn't matter to him. Saffron was glad the child lived. 

Around him, a group of nervous men with makeshift weapons had gathered. Saffron was used to this. He placed the child on the ground before a man, whom was too startled to do anything, then jumped into the air. His large black wings pulled him higher as he headed out of the burnt city. 

The air felt great on his scales. Although he hated this form, Saffron was beginning to love the feel of flying. It was something that no human could know. Why had humans even been born without wings? It seemed unfair that horrible creatures, such as the Black Dragon Saffron had taken the body of, could fly while humans were left on the ground to crawl.

Landing on the ground near a forest, Saffron changed back into his human form. 

"Baron!" the nicely dressed lady said to a larger man, "Did you see that?"

"Damn...," Saffron huffed. Seems like today was just a bad day for this lord...

The End

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