In RuinsMature

Just for fun because I'm bored- kind of sloppy :) May revise later

Sage bit the inside of her cheek so hard her mouth started to bleed. It was all she could do not to laugh..... or cry. It was her first day as ruling Empress and the troops that were being presented to her were aged and freed prisoners. She glanced up at Baron the man who she bestowed with the task of building the army. The whole empire was in ruins. The only structure that remained untouched was the castle. Built of mortar and stone, that's the only reason it survived the burning of Galvenston. The grass that they stood on was as dry as the trees were dead. The men who stood before her, looked about as lively as their surroundings.

“Is this a mutiny?”  She asked eyeing up Baron's men. They were weak and brittle, malnourished, standing there in their ragged clothing. Above all they didn't have the gull to stand up straight or to look her in the eye. Even after she had saved Galvenston from the throws of fascism and despair, the citizens paid her little respect. It went to say that the idea of a women single-handedly ruling am Empire was frowned upon. The Citizens expected her to pick a suitor, a man to rule the Empire. Only She was not interested.  She clung to the idea that she was strong enough to rule the Empire better than any man ever had.  She had been through an ordeal before coming back to Galvenston, her home land. She was a pauper and a warrior before before she gained the title of Empress, they didn't know the half of it, except for Baron.

Baron fought many battles against many different beasts, by her side. To this day he remained one of her most loyal friends- well as much of a friend as a sarcastic brute of an immortal knew how to be.

Sage threw him a curious glance waiting for him to explain the weak army. He simply shrugged.

“Is this really all we have?”

“Aye, Siren. The old army vacated Galvenston when you-” He averted his eyes.”When you killed your father.”

Sage  fixed him with a harsh look. He knew the topic of her father was off limits. She ignored him and turned her attention to an aged man, with wispy white hair. His head was bowed, he refused to look at her. Sage unsheathed her sword, drawing the flat of my blade under his chin. Gingerly she brought the blade up careful not to scathe the old man. He was forced to raise his head, as she raised her sword. “You fail to look me in the eye. Why should I trust you'd fight for my honor?” She lowered her blade so he could answer.

“Not for you, for Galvenston!” He spat.

He's rewarded with an encore. “For Galvenston!” The men shouted raising their weapons high into the air. Sage glanced at Baron.

"They seem...eager.” He said encouragingly. Once again she ignored him and turned her attention back into the chanting crowd. She tried to get their attention, but the sound of her voice was drowned in their enthusiasm. Baron smiled slightly at her distress while she tried to calm the rowdy crowd. “Silence!” His voice booms . Their noise instantly dies down. Baron nudged her with his elbow. “Their all yours.”

“Thanks.” She said halfheartedly.

“Alright, listen up! You are the most pathetic looking bunch of men I've ever seen, but it seems I am stuck with you as you are with me.”

“Way to raise their spirits.” Baron whispered into her ear.

She flinched away from him. “ I need blacksmith's to replenish our supplies, and every other able body male to start digging a moat around Galvenston.” She announced, before another uproar began.

“We want to fight!” The bitter old man argued, leading another chorus again. Baron tried to step forward to come to her aid.  She shot him a warning glance.“Not only are you up against, a well trained army, but they have allied and manipulated beasts, bending their will so they may be used as weapons. You are all far to weak!” Sage announced. “You will do as I say, or face execution.” She threatened. The men stared back at her appearing slack jawed and sober. It was only a threat, She knew she would never execute anyone. She wasn't even sure we could do that anymore, but she needed them to listen to me even if I had to instill fear as a means of achieving that.

They broke up dispersing themselves amongst her orders.

“ My what a feisty Siren you are.” Baron said, shaking his head.”Is their any special favors you'd like me to perform for you.” He said nearly clearing the distance between him.

Sage raised her chin to get a better look at the warrior God. “Yes.” She whispered. “Sew me a white flag.”

The End

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