Clash of the Cousins

Toni has never really like her cousin. While she is more of a tomboy her cousin is a total girly-girl. The good thing is that Valerie lives in California. But what happens when her aunt and uncle decided to move to Utah? Right next door in her BFF's old house on top of that.

My life used to be perfect, but then came the rain clouds came like they always do.  I thought it was bad enough just going to go visit my cousin in California. She was unbearable! Always texting her boyfriend or her friends. Wanting to wear whatever was in style. Gossiping about people who were just like me.

Of course she was always kind to me but that was only when I was at her house. If we went to go meet up with her friends and I left to go grab something I could hear them give sighs of relief. So what did I expect to happed when my aunt and uncle decided they like it in Utah better than California? Oh boy. 

How about I start from the beginning before I start getting ahead of myself...


"What did you say?" I asked my parents slowly, unsure if I had heard them correctly.

"Aunt Olivia and Uncle Peter are moving into Jackie's house." my mom repeated with a smile on her face. "Isn't it great?" My parents didn't know how much Valerie and I hated each other and so I forced myself to smile and sound excited about it.

"Cool." I said hoping I didn't sound annoyed "Sounds like fun." there was a pause "Can I call Megan now?"

"Yes but I want you home by 5:30." dad said

"Thanks!" I said running out of the room.

The End

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