Operation ClandestineMature

Chapter 2: Operation Clandestine

Now I suppose you are wondering to yourself what on earth lead to these events? Why men were chasing me? Why I had a gun held near point blank range at my head? Well, you see this is just a day in the life of Alan Pickering. Nothing unusual here – not for me at least. You see, I am a double agent of sorts. I infiltrate criminal organisations and break them down from the inside. I am some description of a ‘vigilante’. Hence, I don’t truly work for anyone. I just wish the world to be less of a disgusting mess of hatred, violence and crime. Simply put: no criminals, no crime. No crime, no victim. No one victimised means happy people, and happy people make for a well-functioning society. As much as the previous scene may have you doubt this statement - I am not exactly an expert in this field. If you ask the boss, (otherwise known as the angry man with the gun) I had in this particular case – Luther Jovich, I am a clumsy, worthless piece of sh… Well, you get the point. As far as those ‘men in black’ go - I guess you just better pay close attention to the case I am about to inform you of. This particular case was by far the strangest case in my entire twenty-so years of work. This case, I like to call Operation Clandestine.

The End

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