Stupid Puppy.


Despite his yelling and apologizing, the puppy continued to tear his rather skinny leg. Weight was another thing one lost after dying (perhaps it was the solution the dieters were looking for?). He was pretty sure he couldn't die again, but he might've forgotten that he could. So, in an effort to dispel the puppy, he kicked at it. Didn’t work; the puppy held on. Despite the failed effort, he kept kicking and kicking, as if trying to stomp the annoying little beetle that just wouldn't die.

Then, all was quiet. He opened his eyes after realizing they were closed. He looked down at his leg; it was rather torn, but it was fine. Then he looked at the puppy, which was now a still, bloody mass that strangely resembled a Beanie Baby missing some of its beans.

Stupid puppy. Yet...poor puppy?

Not sure what to think of what he had done, he picked up the limb body, which was still warm. Carrying it horizontally like lumber, he walked back inside the abandoned shelter.

"What are you- Jesus!" Didn't take Can-Thrower long to notice. He saw him move up from his spot, strutting over to them. Him and the body, that was. He was much taller than himself, and reminded him of a moose. But moose were goofy looking. He was more like a tree of the thin, dieting kind.

"What the hell did you do!?" The tall Can-Thrower demanded. He decided to re-dub him Whomping Willow, though he didn't quite remember where he had read that from...

"Hey! Answer me!"

Or maybe Bark, for two obvious reasons.

"Stupid puppy attacked me." He half-muttered, glaring down at the limp body in his hands, the puppy's lip still curled back in a snarl.

"So you killed it? Do you have any idea what that is!?"

"A puppy?"

"Not just any puppy. That thing's a werewolf, yew dunce!"

He blinked, looking back down at the puppy. So that's why it looked odd; it was a wolf puppy.

"We're in deep trouble now. If Kevin finds out you've killed another gang's youngin', he'll throttle yew fer sure!"

Blink. "There's a gang of puppies?"

"Jesus, I hate newlings... Of werewolves. They only be turning human on the full-moon, though..."

Blink. Wasn't it the other way around...?

"Just get rid of that thing; we'll have to move soon now...Christ, we had just found the place, too!"

He nodded slowly, before heading back outside to dispose of the furry body in the dumpster. He was just about to, but then a familiar scent wafted into his face and tickled his brain. Waffles? No...bacon? What did bacon smell like? Perhaps it was the garbage...

But the smell was coming from the puppy. He looked down at it, bringing it to his nose as he sniffed it gently. It smelt so good... Looking around to make sure that Bark wasn't around, he bit into the puppy's soft stomach.

A heavenly choir played as blood seeped into his jaws. Never had something been so sweet! Never would he look at a puppy the same way again! Possessed and compelled by this new taste, he went savage on the deceased body, leaving nothing but some bloody bones, which he tossed into the dumpster reluctantly. He watched the skeleton for a bit, before slowly closing the dumpster lid on it, feeling as if he'd said good-bye to a best friend.

"You did not just do that."

The End

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