“Nobody hurts my friends, bitch.” Rose spat onto the things corpse then fell back onto the pile of trash can lids shuddering with exhaustion. She stared in amazement as the corpse dissolved into a pile of sticky goo before her eyes. Rose stumbled to her feet and hobbled over to where she saw John fall.

            “John, John you okay” Rose said desperately bending over to shake the shoulders of her friend. Come on wake up. Please don’t leave me alone. Wake up.

            “R-Rose” John blinked wearily and tried to sit up and quickly lay back down as a bolt of pain shot through his side.

            “Shhhh its okay John we’re safe you can relax now. Just lay back and you’ll be fine.” John shook his head at Rose’s reassurance and reached up clutching on to her jacket. Rose frowned but did not move his head and tried not to think about how bad John could be hurt.

            “John you’ve probably broken a rib you shouldn’t move much.” John shrugged off the warning and sat up even though it caused him obvious pain. He looked Rose strait in the eye and said

“I love you too, Rose.”

            Rose laughed with tears in her eyes. “I love you too you big schmuck. Now let’s get the both of us to a hospital.” She helped John up and he draped his arm over her shoulders leaning heavily on him and wincing at the pain of moving.

            “Rose your hand!” John said looking at the blood dripping from Rose’s injury and leaving scarlet smears all over the both of them as well as a bright red line across the concrete.

            “Oh that, it’s nothing big.” Rose smiled as convincingly as she could but now that John had mentioned it she could feel the dull throb from the cut on her hand pulsing through her arm. She was amazed that she hadn’t felt it before but I guess that’s what adrenaline will do to you.

            “Well let’s stop and bandage it up before you bleed to death on me.” John looked deeply worried over Rose’s injury but then his expression lightened and he laughed heartily. “I wonder how we’re going to explain all?” he asked jokingly.

            “Oh I’m sure we’ll find a way.” Rose was also laughing now. “That’s what people like us do right?”

            “Right” John leaned over and ripped a piece off his shirt to use as a bandage. He carefully wrapped Rose’s hand up in a sure and steady manner not belying any of his recent weakness or earlier hysterics.

            “Well aren’t you going to kiss me now?” Rose said coyly.

            “I guess but weren’t you the one who saved me?”

            “Doesn’t matter we saved each other”

            They met in a kiss that foretold of happier times to come and while there would be no happily ever after, there never was, things would be fine. Better.          

The End

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