“Now way bitch.” Rose said softly pushing through the vapour and hugging John with all her strength.

            “I’ll love you John, if there’s no one else to love you I’ll love you.” John could only stare speechlessly down at Rose’s head and slowly raised his gaze to follow the pallid gray tendrils clutching at Rose back to their source. The ghastly thing tried to keep up its disguise but it was quickly falling apart. The overwhelming odour of dank and rotten flesh filled the air and John could catch glimpses of bony spiderlike limbs and crude ornaments of aluminum and tin that would crash and tingle creating a discordant symphony of tired dreams and broken illusions.

            “You’re not Jessica” John stammered retreating from the monstrous apparition. The thing saw the battle was lost and gave up its disguise. A skeletal figure covered in grime and dirty jewerally that shimmered in the moon light and gave allusion to rituals of sacrifice. The ugly monstrous harpy had shrivelled and dried skin but its hair dripped moisture and smelled of sewage.

            The thing screamed and turned on the two figures still locked in an embrace. Rose dodged back while pushing the bewildered John out of the way. She grabbed his arm and started to run. Rose had never been a strong runner but her fear galvanized her keeping her just a few steps from certain doom. A bolt of fear ran through Rose’s body as she stumbled and nearly fell and she knew if she tripped over some of the things collection she would almost certainly not be getting back up again.

            John had managed to get ahead a little and he kept looking over his shoulder to check on Rose and she kept urging him to just run faster and not look back. They were outdistancing it though until the worst happened and Rose’s foot caught on the discarded end of an aluminum drain pipe and went tumbling forward onto a pile of trash can lids. Oomph! All the air was knocked right out of Rose and she turned over gasping for air only to come face to face with a thing out of her nightmares. The thing screamed triumphantly trumpeting the kill to all who cared to listen and reared back to deliver the killing blow.

            Suddenly John leaped into the things side tackling it to the ground. They tussled briefly but John was only human and not particularly strong at that and the thing threw him aside and there was a meaty thunk as John sailed into an alley wall before tumbling to the ground out of Rose’s sight.

            Rose stared at the dirty monstrosity approaching her with murder in its eyes and felt panic coursing through her veins. Oh God I’m going to die. I’m going to die! Oh God I’m going to die! Wait! Its necklaces! She still had one shot left but it was going to take an incredible amount of luck to pull off. Still terrified but no longer paralyzed by it she took a deep breath and stared up into the face of death. The thing smiled wickedly and widened its maw reaching forward and grabbing Rose by her jacket and pulling her closer to that needle filled trap. 

            Now! Rose reached forward grabbing the jagged steel end of one of its necklaces and she could feel it cut deep into her hand. The things look of surprise widened into pain as Rose plunged the jagged splinter into its heart. The thing cackled and screamed dancing about and trying to pull out the tormenting piece of steel. It could only claw at it numbly and with one finally gurgle the thing fell over and died.

The End

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