Touching Fawn

Rachel dove from the top of the waterfall as easily as she would fall onto a feather bed.  The droplets of water in front of her eyes seemed to stop in time and float in air resembling shimmering liquid metal.   As her body tumbled weightlessly, the droplets began to circle her like silvery insects, finally slapping against her naked flesh with a sting.  She seemed to fall for ever.  To long.  Suddenly, in a panic she looked ahead to see the jagged grey rocks rushing towards her face.  She awoke with a gasp.  She must have started to fall in her sleep.  She was stradled in the crook of a tree branch high above the forest floor.  The stinging water drops were the deer flies orbiting her head in the quiet early morning air.  

Silently, she gathered her thoughts, and looked around for signs of the pair she had been stalking the night before.  Leaves and branches twitched ocasionally throughout the underbrush as small birds and squirrels began to stir, but nothing that would betray the much larger bodies of her prey.  After several minutes, one clump of brush seemed to draw her attention a short distance away from her tree.  She realized a noticable cloud of deer flies could be seen hovering several feet above the ground.  She focused in like a cat.   Her eyes never left the spot as she slid from her perch swung down on a branch and lightly touched the damp soil of the forest floor with her toes.  

Keeping her distance, and slowly circling around, she begins to see two bodies moving around through the branches and brush.  She can tell that they're taking care to be silent.  They may be aware that they're still being followed.  She notes the faint sound of water running in a small stream about a half mile away, and takes a guess that they'll head in that direction.  She decides to try and get ahead of them.  

Half an hour later, beside a narrow game trail leading to the creekside, Rachel hears footsteps approaching.  Her arms and legs are drawn in close to avoid any recognizable human silhouette.  Her hair hanging down in front of her face hides her features, and she all but dissappears into the mottled forest background.  As the footsteps pass, her head tilts ever so slightly, and she noiselessly steps out onto the trail.  Just when her hand touches her knife, and she's about to reach out, the two suddenly stop, frosen in place.  Something had spooked them, but it was too late to back off now.  Within her reach, Rachel grasps a handfull of hair in her hand and swings her razor sharp knife with lightning speed.  She slashes of a pure white tuft of fur from the young fawn's tail as the two deer bolt blindly down the trail away from her.  They're nearly a mile away by the time she has a chance to laugh quietly to herself, and tuck the tail fur into a pocket.  

She was thinking about the waterfall again as she began her walk back home.  She could use a bath, but the little creek didn't look too inviting.  It would be worth the wait to enjoy her tub at home with the steaming kettles of water her family's servants would prepare.  

The End

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