City Of TowersMature

It was gone midday when I was walking back to HQ, it's been a while since I walked down theses boards. Things have changed since I was last here, there are more people able to walk around freely, the tall tower buildings appear to be bigger and theirs even a few small ones around. The bridge leading towards the shiny new HQ has been finished, all the metal panels have been replaced and safe to walk across.

The people who pass me are all so cheery now and carefree, they don't know what happened before this was finished. I stopped in the middle of the walkway and looked to my right to seethe trees haven't got any leaves left. They have all fallen off and are scattered over the ground. Suddenly the wind picked up, scattering pretty shades of reds and browns all over, it almost looked like they were dancing in the wind. It made me feel so warm and happy inside.

The sight of the dancing leaves made me think of the ice skaters on the frozen pond, the day before I left to go to England. I remember I was watching the skaters from the bridge. This was before someone tried to blow up the headquarters and before the remodelling. As I was watching the skater fall over, which made me laugh, there was a man watching me from behind the tree. He was there for a while with a camera. Every time I glanced towards him, he would turn and give me a smile and a wink, every time I blushed, it made me feel so uncomfortable. As I started to walk the man looked at me ominously as if to say we will meet again.

That was true, we did meet again but that's to much of a painful memory to remember. I started to cry at the thought, tears started to roll down my cheeks like rain drops rolling down a window. I realized I shouldn't be dwelling in the past, it's time to move on. I wiped the tears from my face and continued walking along the boards.

The End

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