III - Papa ZakaMature

Chapter III: Papa Zaka

He took me toward the buckled off area where two more gorilla stood guard like statues, looking strait forward and not taking notice of us. Zaka sat down on a luxurious leather couch and took two glasses, filling them with rum from the minibar.

"So, you aren't here to lose yourself to the dance or the spirit of the bottle. So I am led to believe that what you seek is information about he who joined the ranks of the ghede recently. Am I right?"

I nodded before explaining. "My father was killed in the night from Sunday to Monday after leaving your bar, I was wondering if you could tell me if anything had happened that might have lead to his death while he was on the premise."

"You have the same eyes as him. George was a common face around here, he would come in every week, drink alone at the bar so I would entertain him and take away his sorrows. he night he left this world however, he wasn't alone. There was a nice lady that he sat with and spoke to until he left. I do not know her, but she had short black hair and was dressed athletically. When he left, she remained here for another hours before leaving."

That meant he was already dead when she left. Damn, I felt like this might have been a dead end after all, unless the woman knew something...

Zaka's eyes turned away from me and he looked at someone behind my back. "Allen, What brings you here my friend?" He exclaimed cheerfully.

I turned around and looked at the new comer with spiky hair, who was wearing cargo pants, a tee and a gothic trench coat with straps over it. Despite the darkness that reign inside of the club, he had a pair of sunglasses on. 

He walked closer to Zaka and whispered something which I half-heard about needing something. The black man nodded and went toward the bar, looking around until he found a plastic bottle with dark liquid inside of it. 

Allen walked closer, the jewelry around his neck clicking on each others. He took the bottle and shared a handshake with Zaka. "Thanks mate. You're a life saver." He said, handing him a stack of bills before turning around and leaving.

"Please, excuse the intrusion." Zaka said, focusing back on me. "You must be wondering, what just happened. You see, owning and overseeing this club is only a secondary business. I deal in acquiring rare objects for my clients as well as selling special brews to certain person who need them." He explained and I figured he was an actual witch doctor, rather than just posing as one for the club's image.

"It's alright, I understand. Do you have anything else you can tell me about that night?"

"Certainly there is much I can tell you, that I could not tell the police. For they would have no believed my words."

"And what is it?"

"Your father was not killed by man or woman for that matter, but rather he met his death at the hand of a Soucouyant. What Europeans would call a vampire."

I frowned at him, not sure if I was supposed to be amused or annoyed that he was bringing in superstition into a murder case and telling them to the victim's son. He must have seen my expression because he leaned back on the dossier of his seat and raised an eyebrow.

"You do not believe me, do you son?"

"My father was murdered, forgive me for not enjoying legends at the time." I replied, trying to stay cordial which made him snicker.

"You are not from around here, are you? And it seems like your father has not seen fit as to educate yourself about this world. Hear me, son. The true myth is that we are alone in this world. If you lived here, you would be wiser to the howls of the loup-garou and the masquerade of the walking dead that walks the night."

"Alright, I've had enough. Thank you for your time, Mr. Zaka..." I said, sighing as I got up. I tried to turn around and he gripped my hand with both of his' holding on tightly. 

"Perhaps you would be best to see the scene of the crime and learn the secrets of the night for yourself. When you leave my establishment, go to the left and walk into the alleys. It was at the crossroad of the two alley that your father met the fiend. Perhaps you shall find it there too." He said with a smile, letting me go.

The End

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