Protection of Some Sort


             Almost as if like clockwork at 6 pm Brad fumbled with his key to unlock my front door. There was a smile on his face even before he saw my lying on the couch with Muffin. He walked through the kitchen towards the living room, then lifted my legs up sitting down before bringing them back down into his lap.

               Brad is about 5’10, 17 year old and just started to get broader shoulders to match his height. He has short sandy blond hair that most of the time hangs into his deep brown eyes. Brad always has a smile on his face and makes it seem so effortless to make everyone else around him smile. This boy could win anyone over with a simple glance, no one is even capable of hating him. Why he is still friends with an anti social, outcast like me I'll never know but I never take his company and friendship for granted.

           "Hey, how are you?" I asked smiling at him.

          "Good, did you managed to sleep at all today?"

The End

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