City of Eyes

Destiny in the eyes. 16 year old Larkyn Hayes may just find out about her foggy history before the fire that took the only parents that she knew.

            The nightmares had been wearing my out all week long. Most of the evidence was on my face; the bags under my eyes and my lack of makeup the last few days. Of course it seemed perfectly normal to have nightmares about the fire; I had lost my parents in it only 6 months ago the trauma was still fresh in my mind. What was really confusing to me was one second I would be screaming looking for my mother, then the house would disappear and be replaced by a yard with a sea of angry, dark faces and glowing eyes of all colors. My counselor knew nothing about the dreams yet, but she was getting suspicious every time she saw me looking more and more exhausted. My best friend Brad on the other hand knew everything and thankfully was willing to talk to me in the middle of the night whenever I woke up in pure hysteria or to come over to my apartment.  

             Bradley had been a huge help ever since my parents died and I decided to live on my own rather than in a foster home. He knew that Dana and Michael weren’t my real parents but the only I had ever known, or at least remembered. We have only really been friends for a few years a lot longer than most people stuck around for after finding out about my…uniqueness.

           Okay, well might as well get the hard part over with. My name is Larkyn Hayes; I am 16 years old with long dark brown hair, average build, about 5’9 and my eye color changes with my mood. No joke. Not some random hoax. My eyes are rarely ever the same color all day long. I can’t remember anything of my life before I was 5 year old, it’s just blank. When I was 6 a newlywed couple Dana and Michael Hayes adopted me as their daughter. Nearly 6 months ago they died in a house fire only I survived. Since then I have been living on my own in a small apartment my only company being Brad’s cat Muffin and the occasional social workers who drop by.

          My friendship with Brad hasn’t changed at all since my parent’s death, but people who don’t know me or who are afraid of me now pity me or want to get to know me. Especially lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m being watched. Brad has been staying over here every night so far to help comfort me or as he puts it to be my “protector”. If you knew Brad, you’d know how strange that sounds.


The End

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