Flying At The Speed Of LightMature

Aveugles looked at a young man with clockwork wings folded on his back. They were large and rather heavy looking. The metal shone with a malice that could cut all hope. "Hey Béni. It's your turn to go. Soldat is selling some things so, prepare yourself and go when you're ready."

The red-headed boy named Béni looked at his blind friend and smiled. "Thanks Aveugles. I'm about ready now. My wings are oiled and ready to go. Echo, you did wonderfully out there. Good job."

Echo whistled thanks and grinned, running off to Hétitiére to play. Aveugles patted his friend's back and stalked off to go find Souffrant. Béni got up, wiping off his pants and ran a hand through long locks. "Here goes nothing." He stepped outside into the spotlight and sat on the top of a pole, perching like a metallic bird. 

A crowd went silent as they awed over this man who looked rather angelic and exciting. Copper flared brightly as Béni stood up on the gigantic pole. The crowd gasped and cheered him to jump. He sighed inwardly. "Might as well." He took up and let himself fall, fifty turning to twenty slowly. His wings opened and off he took, flying upwards towards the lights. Gasping and roars of applause sounded through the red and black tent. He flew in a circle and in many patterns, his metal wing flapping smoothly. He swept low above the crowd, the many people having to duck.

Once he came back to his post and descended to the ground gently, his wings open like redemption upon sinners. A crowd's cheer was all that he needed to feel done as he walked away into the curtain. He smiled gently, his heart beating like a drum. There was nothing better than flying. 

The End

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