Things Left UnsaidMature

Écho took Aveugles' hand and urged him to stand silently, making small whistles. "Hold on, Little Guy! I gotta stand first" Aveugles laughed gently, but pain was eminent in his smile. Écho didn't like it. He looked down at his friend's hand, examining the wound. He could feel the pulse of heat and he wasn't near it. He looked up at Aveugles and whistled. 

"No Écho, I'm not going to see anyone. We're next!" Aveugles walked with Écho into the ring. A piano started to play gently, a cover of a song sounding. It was Waiting For The End, at least that was the extent of his knowledge. He took off his glasses and opened his eyes, his eyes now brighter than glow sticks. He placed on his gloves, taking a part of the light from his eyes and placing it onto his fingertips. He looked at Écho and smiled. Écho smiled up at Aveugles and lit up like a firework display. His fingertips shone a wonderful blue as orbs danced around him. The climax of the beginning started to play as Écho shot into the air, floating with his lights. A mixture of "E.T". and "Waiting For The End" swirled together as Écho moved like water. His orbs drew pictures in the air, letting himself go and flow with the music. The people stared in awe and whistled. Écho took Aveugles' hand and flew up with him. Aveugles laughed quietly and smiled brightly, taking Écho's waist. Écho looked at him with a confused face. Aveugles started to waltz on air, thanks to Écho's help on making him float. The crowd cheered and clapped, the lights dancing all around them. The music beautifully graced them as they were dancing spot on with tempo.

Héritiére giggled as she peeked from her tank to watch with Néon, his green and black glasses shining a yellowish color. "Héritiére, what form of dance is this?" His voice sounded like an auto-tuned man's voice, very monotone and strong. "That is called a waltz. It's very fun and very romantic." She giggled and looked at him. "Normally they don't do that, but I guess they got it." Neon nodded and tugged her ear-fin gently. She giggled and looked back at the dancing pair. 

Écho twirled and looked at Aveugles happily, his cheeks a deep pink. His heart flew with them, feeling the song in his soul. He wanted to tell everyone what was on his mind, but the thoughts would be left unsaid. At least for now. Aveugles swung him around, and as soon as the music came to a stop, he dipped Écho and grinned. Écho blushed more and smiled, glad that Aveugles had stopped. Not that he didn't enjoy the dance, of coarse. A roar of applause, loud and strong, sounded as Écho set themselves down. The lights disappeared as Aveugles placed on his glasses and held Écho's hand. They stopped glowing and bowed. Then, they walked behind the curtain with a proud look on both of their faces. 

The End

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