Bleeding OutMature

Aveugles had Néon, a robotic friend of his, turn off the lights. There was a clammer of mummers and whispers, people curious about the sudden change in lighting. Then it got quiet as a song started to play. 

"Ladies and Gentleman, prepare yourselves for Aveugles and his fantastic light show!"

The crowd cheered, whistling was heard occasionally as Aveugles stepped out onto the ring. He held a staff that was lit at both ends with fire. Sweat dripped down his cheek and he quickly wiped it off. A deep breath. Then a flurry of fire. He swung it up, flipping with it as he twirled it carefully. Drawing pictures, a song started to play in two rounds as he danced gracefully. He closed his already darkened eyes, focusing all of him into the dance. He could hear the fire whip around his head, weaving it in a figure eight at the sides of his head. He heard the song talk about who they would bleed it out if it were the last thing they did. He felt the same, in a way. He would place himself in this passion of fire dancing, even if he had earned his good share of burns on the way. He would burn himself alive also for the affections of Écho. No, not for the mergirl. It was simply a plan for something for her. None the less, he would dance all he could. 

A small boy, with lavender-white hair and good intentional eyes, peeked from the curtain barely. He saw Aveugles dance like the fire on his staff.  "Hey Écho... You watching him again?", peeked a voice over the boy's shoulder. Écho jumped and looked behind him, seeing  a young man in white robes. The boy nodded gently and looked back at Aveugles. "Do not worry, Young Écho. He will not burn himself. Aveugles has worked hard to perfect his technique." Écho sighed and looked worriedly at his blind friend. His heart jumped a little. Not sure why, he looked at Guérisseur expectantly. The young man chuckled, as he ruffled his pupil's hair. "No, you are not sick." 

Aveugles finally stopped his dance and took a gulp of liquid. He spit it through the fire and a large flare of fire brightened the room. The crowd cheered as he bowed and put out his staff. Walking back inside the back area, he waved to Écho and set his staff aside. Écho looked at him and his eyes widened. His hands looked burnt, white and blistering. "Are you ready, Écho?", the blind man said gently. Écho nodded and sighed. 

The End

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