Little Blood ClownsMature

After one act was complete, it was Désenivrer's turn. Wheeling out with his clubs, he took a swig of wine. People applauded as he started to juggle the clubs around. He laughed inwardly as he wobbled onto a rope, not too far from the ground. He started to laugh, feeling the win slowly take it's effect on his body.

"Things are not what they appear. As tonight will make quite clear. But what is real will be revealed. I can feel the moment's near!" The crowd awed as his drunken song and laughed, seeing him now hang upside-down with unicycle in hand.

"Things are never what they seem. That will be this evening's theme. A music sights for your delight, perhaps a few to make you scream!" He threw a spiked club at a woman, her head caving in and splattering the guests. Désenivrer grabbed her hand and cycled back down, once getting onto his unicycle. Getting onto ground, he proceeded to dance with her, not minding the blood gushing from her head.

"If the fools we see should look like you and me. Then before the night goes by, ask why, why, why, why, why, why?!", Désenivrer seemed to scream the song. His eyes flared with such intensity and madness, he gave her a deep kiss. Biting off her tongue, he took his fill for a showcase as everyone screamed and laughed with amusement and disgust. "Only one thing's really clear. Things are not what they appear!" He proceeded to laugh, getting onto his unicycle and rolling off without a single word. Cheers of joy and excitement echoed throughout the tent, people of ignorant suffering paying no attention to the fact that murder is simple child's play here. After all it's an act, isn't it?

*Author's note: The lyrics to the song: "Things Are Not What They Appear" belongs to Walt Disney Studios alone. Lyrics are not mine and I simply use them for a non-profit purpose. Thank you*

The End

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