Cloud, a show performer, has been faced with mass troubles since her birth in the late 1600's. It's now 2008 and her worst nightmare is coming alive. With new, old friends coming back into Alex's, her ringmaster, life, new personalities are brought out and secrets are being kept from her and the rest of the performers. Cloud must either save herself or have her entire family murdered before her eyes.


            The world was quiet; only small nocturnal animals’ songs could be heard as the last hours of the night beat in the night sky. Summer had just arrived; nights were warmer and the day was even hotter. Without air-conditioning the average person would die from the mass heat and humidity that hung in the air like fog in the early morning around the hours of six and seven. The moon was beginning to wave goodbye and say hello to the sun that reached up toward the horizon to rise, to bring light to the dark and quiet world. The only lights lit in the large forest park of Seattle, Washington were the spotlights inside the Circo delle Scuro, or the Circus of the Dark; a famous circus throughout the generations that has travelled the world a thousand times over, although they never stopped in the same city twice for reasons unknown except for the obvious bounty on its head.

The circus went back as far as the early 1500’s when a mysteriously tall figure with dark brown hair and glowing black eyes walked cities with his band of creature like people with strange eyes and statures. They pushed people to the sides of busy streets in Venice, and nearly knocked over small wooden huts in Africa. These people were treacherous when it came to the footprint they made on society, but the inside story was completely different. What happened within the walls of the circus was a completely different story to that of what went on during their shows and the rare occasions that those inside left the striped tents to fill their needs and fit into the rest of society for a day. They all had unique traits to them whether that is red or yellow eyes or strange markings across their bodies, like long scars, or a rugged look that casts a shadow of its own and gives the city folk a very boring and Amish look. These people would disappear after a few weeks to a month and would show up again in another city halfway across the world. Newspapers went insane with what they considered to be the biggest serial killers in the world, or the most majestic side show parade they had ever seen. Most of the papers deemed the circus as a show of fake acts, that it was all smoke and mirrors and that no person could survive so long and travel the world so much. Those people were wrong.

            Normally the Circus of the Dark left behind a trail of bodies along their way, as a sort of dark and depressive payment toward the cities for letting the circus stay inside their boundaries. The circus tents were black and white striped, their windows usually open to let in the fresh air of the night, the doors closed to keep strangers from entering without permission. These strange people were very closed off to those that did not belong in the circus, and no common person left the main tent during a show, nor did they ever explore the grounds of the residential area of the circus boundaries. Those that were in the circus were closed off from the world, from the age of technology. Some people have said that the people in the circus feared the light of day at times, that they didn’t want to show their faces to the light. It was as if they belonged to Hell and the light of day was their mortal and immortal enemy. They rarely left the circus grounds, but when they did the cast members consistently left a mark on whatever city they were staying in. The circus painted the borough’s black and white without any regret for who they killed or what kind of destruction they caused.


I was a part of that circus, of that madness that my ring leader Alex thought was a masterpiece. I was one of those creatures with strange eyes and odd markings all across my body, each one representing a show gone wrong, a few more people that died for other’s amusement. I was one of those monsters that children had nightmares about, that teenagers saw in the corner of their eyes. I was the thing nobody wanted to look at twice.

The End

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