"My hands, used to be so small at one point"

Roland, thought, slowly, when he tried to move waves of pain rolled over him, broken blooded shards. he didnt try and move much more. All he could see through his crushed blurred perception was a dark red strobe and flash, slowly rotating, around and around.

"My feet were only so big, but they moved so fast!!!!, i got so far, where are those of mine kittens"

The room he sat in now, covered in the whims of a man only 3 years old, he can just crawl, sheep made of  wood, teachers made of light. This was a long time ago, his mind, shattered, goes back to the very  point where maybe, beyond physical possiblity it might be able to start again, and again, if it can. The heavyness of his arms and legs drained onto the metalic floor, and a lanky matt black machine picked him up.



The End

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