I nodded my head at the group, unsure of what to say or what to do even. I kept going back to what Candice had said earlier in the day: Does anyone else think it's a bit suspicious? It was very much suspicious now.

“Melanie, what's going on?” I asked, my voice low as I regarded her.

She didn't answer me at first, instead she offered me that same little smirk of hers. “Nothing, not yet anyway.”

I don't know why I was so surprised by her answer. For some silly reason I had expected an actual answer from her. Melanie Frostwood only said what she needed to say, nothing more and nothing less. I would learn that about her soon.

“Marvin, get Shawn a chair.”

The bulky man stood to his feet, impressing me with his height. As he moved around the shed in search of a chair no doubt, my attention was stolen away by Melanie. I watched as she leaned against a wall, regarding the others silently. They all seemed to be transfixed by her as if engaging in some silent conversation, a conversation I was not invited too –even Marvin seemed to be listening. I stood beside her awkwardly, feeling like an outsider.


My thought were interrupted by Marin; he found a chair for me. I thanked him politely and unfolded it, sitting myself as comfortably as I possibly could while watching the rest of them –the silent exchange obviously still going on. Then suddenly, the air in the room shifted. The tension I hadn't noticed before was evaporating and I felt myself relaxing along with the rest of them. Their expressions were less grim and a little more inviting.

“Melanie tells us you attend school with her and Jessica,” Kara said, smiling at me warmly.

I nodded dumbly, licking my lips. “Yeah.”

The End

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